Weekends are made for catching up

he said

So here we are Sunday morning… well noon… er… 1:30 actually. But the point is a good deal of time this morning post the eye opening routine was spent lying in bed enjoying the fruits of wireless internet on our laptops in bed. Caught up with our friend Cheryl both on MSN and on the phone, had cereal and coffee in bed and then I came over here to update this thing. All from bed. As soon as they invent wireless power adapters we’ll be set – never having to leave bed save for groceries… (do they make wireless groceries yet?). And I won’t have to finish this in my office while the battery charges. But it is only ten feet away from the bed. Clearly you can see what’s important on Sunday mornings: 1) bed. 2) coffee. Not necessarily in that order.

Friday night we went and saw Greg’s band The Mammals play at Dawghouse. Always a great time there. The nights usually start slow but always end with a veritable plethora of ammunition for the much loved and much ballyhooed  “There’s You!” game. And the best part is playing it with Greg while he is mid song. So there’s that. And great music. My new favourite ditty they are doing is Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”. They do it up right.

This week, we got over to visit with Leanne and Hannah and meet Zachary for the first time. Hannah is growing like a weed. She’s still wee, but lordy the smile is growing faster than the body. And despite Leanne’s preemptive warnings about Daiquiri hating all men, I think she and I hit it off quite well and I might even have a new buddy. There are some pictures posted, click on Hannah’s pic, and go have a look.

As well, you can see I got the pictures up from when we went to see Disney On Ice: Monsters Inc. There’s a good picture of Danielle and I in there donning the construction hat from the Monsters Inc Factory. You’d think we were really monsters that in fact worked there, but rest assured, we are not, it’s merely ‘staging’ and trick photography.

So, this weekend really was about getting caught up on a few things that had been lagging behind in the blur that the last two weeks were. Oh and resting and trying to chase away this nagging congestion and coughing that has been on my case for the last week and a bit.


she said

Well the last two weeks – can I say that I am glad that I appear to be at the end of the hormonal nightmare that is a miscarriage. I am starting to slowly feel like me… for better or worse I feel like me more each day. Now we move to the next stage of our process of being known as “mommy” and “daddy”. The guinea pig stage will soon begin!!! I am thinking that I will know how to draw my own blood by the end of this whole thing. The reproductive specialist has agreed to take us on as lab rats – oh I mean patients. So now I have to learn this thing I have discovered that I do not have when it comes to becoming and staying pregnant – patience. We are tentatively excited about this next step – the feeling of being in somewhat control over the uncontrollable.

But will it be worth it – hell yes – all we have to do is see the little people in our lives and know it will be. This week we come to some milestones – my little godbaby angel Paige turns 2 and my little miss princess Amy turns 6. Where did our babies go and these little girls come from????

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