well [dot dot dot] here we are, finally!

 he said

iLife arrived today and this means we have the tool to put this blog into motion. And considering I have had all of 5 minutes on iWeb, and here I am building this web site (as I type this Danielle is beside me, making her very own photo web page), I have to say I am really impressed with it. I think a lot of people are going to get their lives online. A lot of people who wouldn’t normally have known how.

Yesterday, I guess there was an election in Canada. At least that was I think on the tail end of the news this morning. But, seriously while I did not want the conservatives in, I have to say it could have been a lot worse. For a campaign that was bungled from day one forward, the Liberals getting 103 seats was nothing short of a surprise. No one party has a strangle hold on the house, so it will be interesting to see what happens over the next 6 to 18 months.

So… here, you have it. Our place where we will try to put down our stories, our pictures, and, who knows, maybe even a podcast, if I can convince Danielle it might be fun. But we will try to keep this place as current as we keep ourselves.


she said

hi and scene.

I was so excited about getting this program when we ordered it because we thought this would be the place to share with everyone the experiences of our pregnancy and the baby after he/she was born. Well things have changed and we have miscarried again. So we are going to share our thoughts on this roller coaster ride of trying to become parents. So there it is… the reason I wanted this blog, website, program… things have changed but we will share the dreams we have and the road to it.


so there it is.

stay tuned.

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