Seeing no shadows

he said

So… Wiarton Willie our illustrious winter season prognosticator did not see his shadow, thusly declaring we were in for a shorter winter this year. You’ll hear no complaints from this household on that. However this weekend found us getting rained on like crazy yesterday morning, which quickly shape-shifted to cold and turned to snow and left us under a thick, wet blanket of slush and/or snow this morning that I anticipate needing to shovel, leaving me mildly to moderately elated! (your sarcasm detectors should be beeping)

Today is the Super Bowl which we only watch for the commercials. But, we have invited Mom & Dad and Greg & Sherri over to have nachos chips and chillax over the hallowed sporting event. Maybe we’ll deep fry a bacon-wrapped butterball™ turkey breaded in frosted flakes and corn syrup and stuffed with sausages and french fries and finish off a keg or four of Schlitz.   Anyone know what two teams are playing in it?


Yesterday was Paige’s 2nd birthday party. We went over to Ryan and Kari’s and had cake and opened presents. Not necessarily in that order. We seemed to keep our batting average at perfect as the Dora the Explorah castle was a hit with her. If you click the picture, there’s some photos there.


Oh! I got a new computer at work this week. It’s a 2Ghz G5 Powermac Dual-Core with 1.5GB RAM and OS 10.4 with an Apple 20” widescreen cinema display. I feel like I have moved ahead 10 years in technology and that’s likely because technically I have. My 450Mhz G4 with 368 MB RAM, a crappy 20” Compaq CRT monitor and OS 9.2 was easily 6 years old and unupgraded. And OVER worked. It has seen it’s day. At any rate with all this new computer / software / scanner stuff I think I must have done a good job last year or something. Work is going great these days. I am really happy there. I know, I know, BIG change. But perspective is everything, And sometimes, that’s all it takes.

And in a couple of weeks we’re going to the Drake Hotel where Danielle’s seestor, Chantelle works for evening to celebrate all the birthdays in Danielle’s family that happen freakishly like with in a couple of minutes of each other (not really but it it’s like within a week or something). That should be a great time and a fun visit with everyone in a cool area of Toronto in a VERY cool hotel. Plus sleepovers in cool hotels ain’t all that bad either.

And I will leave our most excitingest news for Danielle…


she said

…drum roll please… so with long conversations over long distances Cheryl, John and I are planning our trip to Alberta in April. Cheryl surprised us with a trip to see her area of the world so we are working through the details of the mountain adventure. We are staying one night in Lake Louise at the Fairmount … and if the weather behaves we are going to be doing this mountain adventure in Cheryl’s latest splurge – her candy apple read 1965 convertible Mustang. We are soooo excited – there will be many pictures posted… many laughs shared and some drinks consumed.

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