Planning, spending, planning.

I got fitted for my braces this week and now I am counting down the days until I get them.

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Naturally with the weather consistently staying well above 0º and the snow being gone, talk around this household has been steadfastly focused on camping and trailers. As we mentioned last week, the Amazon shopping cart is filling with needs and wants and we’re in the place of deciding which are needs for the second we have the new trailer and then, which are wants that we can push off to a later date. The priorities right now are for sure the Tire Pressure Monitors (TPMS), the RV Outdoor Rug, the X-Chocks and the LevelMate Pro vehicle levelling system.

Naturally with all this camp paraphernalia planning in high gear, we also have been working on the finer details of our camping season too. Our first trip out is actually in 9 days and is so soon that we actually won’t have the new trailer and will be taking one last trip out in Wolfie Too for one last tango. Since we have a lot of reasons to be back in London tied to Emelia’s gymnastics and dance, we’ve decided to start our camping season back in Golden Pond RV Resort just outside of the city to make the trips back in more manageable.

And since I am off Wednesday to Monday and Danielle has to work her regular days and then come out and visit in the evenings and enjoy camping and campfires with me. Pending some tryouts for Emelia for the school Track & Field, we may spring her out of school a day or two to let her get in some camping in stead of being trapped in boring, old school. As much as I was really hoping this trip was the shakedown trip in the new trailer, the truth is I am chomping at the bit to get out camping and will take it any way I can get it! I am looking forward to getting some fire-pit time and some time out under the stars.

Aside from that, the big event this week was getting to see our friends Jenn Grant & Daniel Ledwell and getting to meet their 4 month old son Gus when Jenn was in London to play a show in London at the Aeolian Hall. Jenn & Danny needed someone to watch Gus while they loaded in, soundchecked and played the show and we were more than happy to oblige to get some baby time with Gus! Emelia is fresh off her babysitting course and well Danielle is a natural by profession so we were approved by the parents. We got to have a really great visit with Jen & Danny and even got some time to see them play their show. It was prefect evening and diversion from all the trailer thinking we’ve been doing.

Hopefully in a week’s time we’ll know a lot more about the delivery date of the new trailer and whether we’re able to get the cabinet doors for the bathroom. But most importantly that we’re able to get it delivered and the switchover from the Apex to the Imagine in time for our camping trip May long weekend trip booked Windmill Family Campground with our friends Leanne, Chris & their kids. But the best thing is in a week’s time we’re that much closer to our first week out camping! And that is, as you can guess, fine by me.

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This week turned out to be a really busy one! With our normal weekly activities with Emelia’s sports we had a number of much anticipated appointments for Emelia. As we have mentioned over the last few months, Emelia has been dealing with a lot of health problems steaming from a gastoral virus she had almost a year ago. Since that virus she has stomach attacks at least a few times a week at at one time one or twice a day. Over time we have done testing, various medications and food elimination testing all finding no real answers.

After waiting for months we were able to get into the next level of specialist with a paediatrician who is known for dealing with kids with stomach problems. Emelia and I made our way there over her lunch hour on Tuesday and started a plan to cut her medications by half and do a detailed food log and other details about her body functions. We go back again in two weeks for a follow up and hopefully more adjustments and maybe some next steps and answers. The doctor was great to deal with and amazingly sympatric with everything Emelia has had to deal with over the last almost year.

The next appointment was the start of her braces fittings. We have known for a few years that Emelia was likely going to need braces but it was a matter of the best timing for her development to get them done. Now that she has done loosing all her baby teeth and the adult ones are in, she still needs to get her last adult molars but with her jaw sizing she won’t have enough room. So this is the best time to get the braces done so her teeth, jaw and alignment will be perfect to make room for those teeth. The appointment was mainly about paying out a ton of money and getting the x-rays and mouldings done so that the braces can go on next week. Emelia is both nervous and excited about the process. I know she is going to be very sore next week so hopefully it all goes well and it as pain free as possible for her.

So that was our week, between that and trying to plan out some upcoming camping trips and chat with our new trailer dealership to get things hopefully in place for the new trailer arriving in a few weeks.

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