We don’t camp, we ‘glamp’.

Next week I get fitted for my braces! I’m kinda excited about that and a little nervous too.

He said

Most of this week has been really focusing on the finer details of getting the new trailer. We already know it won’t arrive in time for our first camping trip at the end of the month and truthfully that’s kind of okay as we’d like to have one more trip out in Wolfie Too before we bid her adieu. That will also give us some time properly clean it up and get things transferred out to our house before the new trailer arrives and we swap them out. As much as it would have been fun to have the Imagine in time to start the camping season, it is really nice to have this, one last trip out in the Apex.

One other advantage of it being on order is it allows to do one upgrade a lot more cost effectively, pretty immediately. One of the Grand Design Facebook pages we follow has been a great place to research the trailers and what people do to them to make them more theirs. One idea Danielle & I were onboard for the second we saw it was adding cabinet doors to the side shelves in the bathroom. The person who shared the project on the Facebook group mentioned that they ordered all the parts direct from Grand Design.

Being that the trailer is currently being made, Danielle the brainiac wisely asked Can-Am RV (where we’re buying the trailer from) if they could reach out to Grand Design to order the same parts and have them shipped along with our trailer! Our salesperson Ron said he would reach out to them this week and see what could be done. We’re really hoping it works out because that would make things a lot easier about doing this upgrade right away as opposed to trying navigate shipping and cross-border customs. Plus it means we could do that upgrade almost immediately – that is if Grand Design doesn’t offer to install the cabinets as an upgrade as we have heard they do that from time to time, too.

As if that wasn’t enough, our shopping cart at Amazon is filling and it is becoming clearer that Danielle & I have gone from tent camping, to vintage trailer camping, to full-blown glampers. The trailer already comes with an outdoor kitchen (one of the features I had to have), a power tongue jack, and ducted HVAC. But the Amazon cart we have loaded alludes to glampers who have no shame about the amenities they like to ‘rough it’ with: an RV mat, wireless levelling system, wireless tire pressure monitor system, etc… It’s funny to think how much our camping style has changed over the years, but the reality is the moments we’ve had camping and the friends we’ve made along the way just keep getting better as our glamping lives grow.

She said

With gymnastics qualifier competitions done and the waiting game to see where all the girls to be told who will qualifying for provincials. With this sizeable gap in potential competitions it allows not only for some fun for the girls it allows the girls to train for level up skills and also allows some of the girls to heal from injuries they were pushing through as competitions got closer. Emelia is one of them. Along with the stomach issues and her lingering tailbone pain Emelia has been battling lower back pain related to training.

We are fortunate to have some amazing people supporting Emelia at gymnastics and beyond. Her coach is kind and attentive and when I arrived at the gym on Thursday I saw Alex rubbing Emelia’s lower back. Turns out that she had tweaked it again doing her training. The lingering problem we have with her pelvis out of line seems to have pushed now into her lower back. I was able to message both our chiropractor and RMT and get her in for treatments for both on Saturday. We are working closely with them and likely moving to physio for Emelia to help her get things back in line. The poor kid just keeps pushing through, I guess this is life with an athlete!

Emelia wasn’t the only one we were worrying about health issues, a week ago Friday John got a text from his mom saying that his dad needed to be checked in at the hospital to get his leg checked as he was having a serious reaction to something. Off they went, the whole process puzzled (and continues to puzzle) the doctors. What this meant was Doug was hospitalized and each of the families who live in town were taking turns assure that Doug was getting taken care of as well as going over to the house to assure Helen was taken care of. Thankfully on Wednesday Doug was able to come home but we are still assuring that if not daily, every other day that someone is checking in on them as Doug is still not able to drive and we want to assure they are both staying healthy and have everything around the house taken care of. Thankfully Doug is on the mend and things are looking better every day.

Along with balancing those appointments, getting things in place for the trailer we have the upcoming appointments for Emelia this coming week. On Tuesday we have the much anticipated appointment with the pedatrican to see if they have any insight into the on going stomach issues and see what options we have to find more answers and get better relief for her. I am hoping they can get her on a better regiment that will help her while we wait for our appointment in June with the gastro-encronologist.

Along with the appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday I am closing the daycare early because I need to bring Emelia in for her fitting for her braces. We have known for the last 2 years or so that this day would come, even with the gradual retainer she wore for over 2 years it was no avoiding this process and we start the oh so fun road of braces. Emelia is some what excited by the process and I think is just anxious to get things started figuring that the sooner she gets them on the sooner she will be to being done with this process.

So needless to say this upcoming week will be a busy and expensive one (thank you braces). Thankfully as a bonus break from the craziness on Thursday we are taking Emelia out of training and heading to the Aeolian Hall to see our friend Jenn Grant perform. We cannot wait to see her and her family especially getting some baby snuggles with their baby boy Gus! It’s going to be a busy but amazing week!

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