Getting braced for camping!

I got my braces!!

He said

I know that we’ve been spending all this time talking about the new trailer, but this week we go pull Wolfie Too out of storage, have it de-winterized and then we take our last trip out in her. We had originally hoped that we’d be able to have everything done with the Imagine in time to start the season, but the window of time was just too tight given that our trailer had to be ordered and made in that time frame. Once we got over the notion that it wasn’t going to happen, I think we’re all okay that we get to have this one last hurrah trip in her, close to home.

I have the benefit of three extra holidays every year that have to be used up between January and May that are given in lieu of our US head office closing down for the US Thanksgiving. We have always used them for our first weekend of camping and this year is no exception. What is different though, is this trip is the earliest we have ever gone camping. We’ve chosen a place close to home (Golden Pond) in case we forget anything and because Danielle won’t be able to join me with Emelia until Friday after her work day ends. We will drop off the trailer Wednesday night as they allow us to set up and then I will be out there from Thursday to Sunday when we head home.

The weather in the last couple of weeks has really turned around and it is really starting to feel like spring. I anticipate it being a little cool, and the fire pit coming handy to stay warm in the evenings. But I am happy that we’re extending the camp season even longer this year. Since we started looking into trailer upgrades just over six weeks ago I have been craving to get away in the trailer like you wouldn’t believe. That I are just four sleeps from camping makes me all kinds of happy.

The other big news this week was the upgrade to Emelia’s mouth. We’ve known for about a year that Emelia would need braces and have been planning and working out the final details (like paying the bill!). Two weeks ago was her prep appointment, and this past week was big day number one. Thursday was the day and luckily it was planned for a day I was off and Danielle closed the daycare early so she could be there too. Emelia handled it like a pro! They only added the upper set for now and the bottom set will go one in another month. Aside from a little discomfort, she’s adjusted amazingly well. We’re super proud of how she did!

This being Easter weekend, I ended up with a couple extra days off work this week and weekend because the mall and our store was closed. Good Friday, we took at a lazy pace and then headed over to Mom & Dad’s to have Easter Dinner with the Teeter side. Unfortunately David & Linda’s family weren’t able to make it, so it was just the London Teeters, but it was still a great gathering and we got to celebrate Dad’s birthday to boot. Today we got to spend together being lazy and getting outside but I am sure Danielle will tell you all about that. I am headed out to see one of my favourite musicians Neko Case and I know in four more sleeps I will be camping! There isn’t a lot more I could be looking forward to.

She said

What a busy week and this is even our busiest this month! This week’s big focus was prepping for Emelia’s braces. About 3 years ago we began the path the plan on how to deal with the problems Emelia has with her teeth and jaw structure that is causing all the problems. If you look at Emelia’s teeth it might seem like she doesn’t really need braces, her teeth at face value look pretty good.

Sadly this isn’t a cosmetic decision, Emelia’s upper and lower jaw are the same size which means she has a straight bite, this means a few things – she doesn’t have enough room for the remaining adult molars that are yet to come in, this will eventually if not corrected the need for cosmetic would be even more obvious because her teeth will start to twist and cross to make room. But the other issue with a straight bite is that her back molars cannot touch each other to grind food. This has always caused a lot of problems for Emelia as to what food she can actually chew. So needless to say she has a fair bit of work to be adjusted over the next two years.

This appointment was only putting on the upper braces and starter wires, in about 5-6 weeks she will add her lower braces and then the real fun begins. She has been actually pretty excited about getting them, she is eager to get the lower braces on because she figures the faster she gets them both on the faster they can do what they need to do and hopefully stay on the two year timeline that was set. So only time will tell.

Her adjustment has been pretty smooth so far, the only real use other than the obvious tender mouth is the challenge on what she can and cannot chew as her teeth adjust. She spent the better part of the last few weeks eating all her favourite treats that are now on the forbidden food list. Her beloved gummies are now off the menu!

The rest of this week was prepping for Easter weekend, I got hit with a minor stomach ache/bug that zapped my appetite and energy. It was thankfully short lived but it is amazing how fast things get behind on your after work to do list when you feel like you have been knocked on your ass. In the end Easter came together and it was a pretty great and low-key weekend.

Although Emelia hasn’t officially said she doesn’t believe in the bunny we still do an Easter egg hunt and will continue to do it as long as she wants. We don’t ever go over the board over Easter, as we have told Emelia it’s not Christmas 2.0, we do get her some small things, this year was a couple custom Harry Potter themed shirts made by a good friend of mine as well as a record by Emelia’s favourite artist Billie Eilish. Nothing big but very personal for her and big hits all around.

Next week is going to prove to be a very busy week – Emelia has track and field day at school, school bake sale, basketball tournament, gymnastics and dance training practices and that is just the school week, the coming weekend we are away camping but stayed close to home because this coming weekend are dance photos (of course not on the same day) as well as gymnastics team tryouts. So you can see its a big and busy week. Oh and we are getting the trailer de-winterized and packed as well as my car serviced. Man I am tired just typing that all out – its busy but the most amazing kind of busy!

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