See Vous Play

Do these two ever stop going to the rawk shows? In short… no.  But, we’re raising a baby, albeit in the womb, to appreciate good music, and be a proper hipster-douchebag. Clever obscure 80’s pop culture reference onesies, here we come!

he said

I spent most of the week working on the wood for the faux beam (you can see the results below). Sunday through Wednesday after work I spent staining, beating up and varnishing the wood that would ‘face’ the soffit we built to conceal the plumbing for the bathroom.  Tuesday, I got the underside nailed up in place and the insulation in. Wednesday and Thursday nights I got the sides up. Let me tell you there was some frustration and expletive and/or deletives, but in the end, while it isn’t perfect, I am very happy with the results. There’s some touchups and crown molding that need to happen, but the big part of the looming job has been surpassed. Now, it’s on to the window framing.  Then the tile backsplash. And then, the bathroom.


Hockey has started back up in earnest. Which is good news for my waistline. I play 3 nights a week all year long, except for the two transition times between ‘seasons’. Once in April, and then again in September, I will go 3 to 4 weeks without playing any hockey. And during that time, I usually tack on 5-8 pounds in a hurry.  Going to the gym every morning isn’t quite enough, but now that I am going 3 times a week again, the few extra pounds should disappear in the form of new stink on my equipment. Plus, I sorta like playing.

And now onto rawk show talk! Today after we finish this off, we’re off to Toronto for See Vous Play, which is a free concert for those who got the advance tickets (if ya’ didn’t sucks to be you). It’s being put on in part by one of my favourite podcasts done by CBC Radio 3 which features the best Canadian independent music. Fittingly, the show is being headlined by Joel Plaskett who is someone I’ve wanted to see live for quite some time. The other three acts are pretty great too – fans of the band Metric would surely love seeing their singer, Emily Haines do her solo thing. Personally I prefer the solo songs. At any rate a fantastic show, and for FREE no less. I am looking to gank some cool CBC Radio 3 schwag. And oh yah! perhaps dinner at Salad King!

Off we go.



she said

Yes as you can see from the picture I am getting the baby belly and then some!!!! I am now officially 6 months and feeling large and in charge. But it is all baby which has resulted in the never ending gender predictions from everyone. Most are guessing a girl (because I am carrying high and all out front) although I do have two people saying they are positive I am having a boy. We will find out soon enough. The little one was very active last weekend and then decided to make sure we did not feel 100% secure and slow movement to almost nothing for a day and a half. Not fun for a couple who have been through more losses than anyone should in a year. So I called my midwife (can I say again I love our midwife!!!) and she had me come in right away, not because she was concerned but she knew that I would feel so much better if I could just hear that magical heartbeat. And sure enough the baby was strong and active. Just as a way of showing us who is really in charge as soon as I left the midwife’s office baby bean gave me their Riverdance routine. Since then the little dancer has been bouncing away in there every few hours. I am sure my nights are going to get even more restless soon.

Today was another annual tradition. Every year for the last 8 years I have run in the CIBC Run for the Cure. An amazing cause and this year the London run raised over $500,000 for breast cancer research. The weather behaved for us this year as Maria and I took Emma on her first ‘run’.

I am going to sign off for another week so we can get on the road to Toronto and hopefully have some time to visit with my sister before the show.

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