Another week deeper into the pregnancy, and that much closer to meeting you, our little river dancer. Oh and we had a short 4-day week at work, followed by get this, a weekend of equal length! Four days off aint so bad.

he said

As mentioned in last week’s entry, we went down to Toronto for See Vous Play, and man what a show! There were two French bands and two English ones. The French bands (Les Breastfeeders et Les Trois Accords) while I didn’t know the words, I found myself wanting to sing along. And let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to see Joel Plaskett live, dude you so have to. What a great night, capped off by somewhat of an indie rawk god. His songs are as Canadian as getting up extra early on an icy cold Saturday morning for hockey. And if anyonepastedGraphic_1.pdf wants to catch the show they have both streaming audio and the video feeds of the full show. Thank you CBC Radio 3. (As you can see I took a couple of crappy snaps with my cell phone)

The other exciting news was that after returning home I found the bug to start writing about my impressions on current music and rawk shows had hit full force with me. I had been mulling over starting up a blog of that sort thing for the past couple of months however, that’s been moved to the back burner, though I haven’t completely ruled that out. But the current project I have become involved with is I am going to be a music reviewer for DONT Magazine out of the UK. They used to be a print mag but now have  moved to an interactive online format. It’s a little hard to navigate at first, but once you get your bearings it is very cool. My friend Kip has been working on it already and a while ago suggested I get involved too – we both share similar tastes and passion for music. So, finally this week I joined on, and have started writing in earnest. Very exciting. I am not sure if I will make the next issue but be sure you will know as soon as I do.

Other than that, on the more closer to home front, I have begun the framing in of the kitchen window. I have got the insert framing stained and once its varnished I can get that in. And then its the facing work. Which will more than likely be next weekend. Once that’s done, I can do the crown molding up and the transition strips for the ceramic to hardwood floors. And then get this, this floor will be complete. Ryan was right. It sort of never ends, till one day it’s done.

I’ll leave the baby talk for Danielle, since she tells me I always tell all the stories. Off to Sunday night hockey.


she said

Yes, John was right, the See Vous Play show was amazing!!!! But for my bulging belly and sore feet it was a LONG night but seeing Joel Plaskett made it all worth it. Thankfully we had the next day off because we were two tired campers getting home at 3:00 am from the show. The only sad part is that we did not get down in enough time to see my sister. She is having some major surgery in a week and a bit so I really wanted to see her.

The baby is getting more and more active and I can tell for sure that the little bean is getting much bigger as the thumps, kicks and punches have moved out of my lower belly to mid belly!!! The patterns are not consistent so I get a bit worried when I go a couple of hours without feeling anything but then the little one makes up for it with their dance routine! Sleep is something else that I cherish these days because it is getting harder and harder to get a full night and feel like I am rested. The belly is starting to effect my hips and shoulders so I wake up a lot in the night. I guess I am getting prepared for pastedGraphic_2.pdfthe months coming where sleep will be a distant memory!!

Enough about our little bean and on to the babies that are here now. Today, we were invited to little miss Emma’s birthday (our friends, Maria and Steve’s daughter). I can not believe she is one already! It seems like yesterday she was born. She is such a sweetie and has the eyes and smile that will melt hearts. Poor Daddy!!! You can see from the attached evidence that she is obviously a little princess.

Tomorrow is a busy and full day as we have John’s family over for dinner… Mmmmm turkey!! It will be bedlam with all the children (big and small) and adults. But, we would not change for anything in the world. The house will be loud, there will be a ton of food and that is alright by all of us. Happy Turkey Day!!!!


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