No more permanent goodbyes

pastedGraphic.pdfThis week we’ll be saying goodbye to yet another family member. We have had enough of that this year, already, thank you very much.


we said

We lost another family member last night. My uncle Gord (my Dad’s older brother) passed away last night after heart problems that landed him in the hospital a day or two after we saw him here last Sunday when he was here for my birthday. Our only comfort is knowing that it wasn’t drawn out and painful for him. My parents were keeping us  up to date with everything that was happening. And even by Friday it started to sound like things might stabilize. Even with his choice to not have any invasive methods of recovery made, I really thought he might pull through. However Dad got the call yesterday afternoon that things were getting worse and that he had better hurry up and go to the hospital. I can’t imagine what that drive was like for Dad, an hour to think about it – Gord was his older brother and they were close and I know he looked up to him like I do mine. Dad made it there to be with him a while before he passed on, and for that I am grateful. And too, I am grateful to have had him in my life as a member of my family and someone who played a part in who I am. I know Danielle and he always had a special bond as he was exactly, to the day, 40 years older than her, as they shared the same birthday. And I know Uncle Gord will sorely be missed by more than just this household and our extended family.

So even though we don’t want to do it, we say goodbye to another member of our circle,  this week. But, that is it, we’re calling in protest – we’ve had enough already.

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