We’ve been plagued by the… plague!

I got sick this week. I didn’t like it at all.

He said

The week started out so great. The fact that this post come a day late, should be the first indication. Last weekend I was off work and we had plenty of time to ourselves. This week started and we had on our radar a concert on Thursday night to Rose Cousins play The Aeolian Hall that we were all going to. And then, the weekend formally kicked off Emelia’s March Break which while we had no plans to take that time to go somewhere warmer did mean a lot less schedule to our week.

Wednesday evening Emelia had a night that she’d been looking forward to for a couple of weeks. She and her bestie Anna were going out for a night on the mall to celebrate Anna’s birthday. First they were gonna go to Starbucks and have a snack, then it was off to the salon to get their nails done up pretty and then it was out into the mall proper to do some shopping… you know the things all grown-up girls do. I happened to be working at the store that evening so I even got to take a bit of it in on my dinner break before I was told to beat it because I was crimping her style. By all counts the girls had a great evening.

The next night was something to we were all looking forward to. Rose Cousins is a singer from PEI and she has a jaw dropping voice coupled with gut wrenching songs. She’s had a song of hers used in one of Danielle’s favourite shows Grey’s Anatomy, and though having played The Aeolian a couple of times, we’d never seen her there yet. I managed to get us three tickets for the show and all was set until a text came from Danielle when Emelia got home from school: her head was sore, her tummy upset, and she didn’t feel good. Quickly Danielle decided that she and Emelia would stay home and not chance it.

That decision was cemented because shortly before I got done work and headed home, Emelia had thrown up. They were definitely out for the night. Danielle was adamant that I go to the show so that at least the third of our family was there to represent and get to see her. I spent a little time at home making sure everyone was okay and then left for the show, but not before first trying to convince Danielle that she could go and I would stay home with Emelia. Though, I don’t think even for a second Danielle considered it, we both know who Emelia would want to be with feeling that poorly.

The show was amazing and everything I had anticipated about how Rose’s voice might sound in that beautiful hall made for singers, proved true and then some. She even cold started with a cover of The CranberriesDreams” which silenced the room. I am not sure if Rose knew the relevance in London that band has as they worked with a local producer on more than a few of their albums and with their singer’s Dolores recent and unexpected passing, that song I think hit the audience straight in the feels.

The rest of the show was that great and sadly about half way through it, I got a message from Danielle, that Emelia had thrown up again only this time a lot more and all over ours bedroom on her way to the bathroom. No amount of me asking if she needed me to come home at that point ended with that outcome. She had already cleaned up, Emelia was now sleeping so there wasn’t much more I could do. Thankfully at that point there were only a few songs left, as she was she was done, I got home to see how everyone was. I left Emelia and Danielle in our bed and I slept (albeit intermittently) in Emelia’s bed.

I skipped my usual Friday Morning Hockey so that I could be handy for Emelia who was definitely staying home from school. I didn’t have to be to work until noon that day so it meant I could keep an eye on Emelia while Danielle tended to the daycare kids. By the time I needed to leave for work it was clear Emelia was on the mend – her appetite was back, she was starting to get bored and showing a lot more normal colour in her face. By the time I got home from work that night at 9:00 pm, by all counts she was better.

The next culprit on tha attack front unwittingly was me. Saturday I had a 9:00 am to 6:00 pm shift at the store. It was a fun, busy day at work and I came home with anticipating a nice quiet evening with my two ladies. Emelia and Danielle ran some errands and then we were all home together to enjoy a glass of wine and some records. It was a nice quiet evening and by 10:30pm I was hit like a sack of bricks with Emelia’s bug. I had zero energy, felt nauseous beyond belief and had a headache like being hit in the head by a bat.

The trouble is, I don’t like throwing up, so my body will violently fight the very notion of upchucking. Which means, what probably could have been a couple of reverse digestive blasts to the toilet and I would be feeling better. In stead I spent the entire night, all night up, every hour on the hour back and forth the bathroom. I didn’t sleep much at all that night and by 6:00 am, I knew regrettably I had to call out sick at work as I would not be any good in that state. But the worst part about that was is wrecked a track record I had where I hadn’t called out in well over a year. And I was pretty bummed about that.

But the flip side of that is that I spent the entirety of the day in bed — as soon as I let them know I wasn’t going to be able to make it into work I was back asleep and didn’t open my eyes again until Danielle and Emelia made it back from gymnastics after 1:00 pm. I was up long enough to get some water and then back asleep until after 4:00pm. I spent the rest of the day horizontal and was in bed and out for the night by 10:00 pm last night. Today thankfully, I am feeling so much better and on the other side of this nasty stomach virus I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

With that being said the only other excitement this week was Danielle was able to get our week at Bon Echo booked for August. Every year it’s getting more and more competitive to get sites there, but with Wolfie Too and having bathroom on board our need to be close to the comfort station has dramatically lessened. We’re pretty happy with our site, only bummer is Chris & Christa weren’t able to get a site close to us. At least they’re in the same campground and we’re all booked up. It seems like every post these days ends with talk of camping, which means we’re getting that much close to camping!

She said

Editor’s Note: Since Danielle has spent the week and weekend taking care of the Editor and the Editor’s daughter, we’re giving her the week off the post. Pretty much all she would talk about is up there anyway…

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