All-in-all, it was a perfect kind of week!

We’re really focusing on getting ready for our first gymnastics competition.

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Monday, this week as I alluded to last week’s need to post early, I was down in Toronto at our Yorkdale store for some work related fun. The first part of the day I was fortunate to be part of a meeting with the folks from iTunes to hear about the exciting things they work on and then how we can support that vision at our stores. It was super cool to meet the really talented team who make the magic happen every day. The second part of the day was more about some operational procedures for our stores, which was valuable too. It was bit of a long day that started at 6:00am to get there on time, but by 3:00pm I was on my way home.

This week was a real tease when it came to the weather. Monday and Tuesday, we were treated to sun and temperatures that were in the low teems. Most – if not all – of the snow had melted away and by Tuesday evening we were cooking dinner outside on the BBQ while enjoying a beer. We even went so far as to get out our fire pit and enjoy the first camp fire of the year in the side yard. In my mind, we had survived another winter and spring was officially en route. Thursday however all that changed with another blast of winter and 10-15 centimetres of wet snow. And cold temperatures too! After that warm spell earlier in the week, the unwelcome cold seemed a million times more harsh. We knew this snow wouldn’t stick (and it didn’t) and spring was inevitable, but we’re all getting a little impatient for camping season to arrive.

Wednesday was my last day of the Wellness Challenge at work and I am happy to say I finished as strong as I started. Even though I had reached my goal of gold already, it was important that I kept up for myself, and my team. Every year I count on this challenge in February to reinvigorate my activity levels and trips to the gym. And this year is no different than years past. Now, I don’t think that I will be able to realistically sustain going seven of seven days in the week, but I have set a goal for myself to be at the gym three days a week in addition to the one I play hockey, and then at least four days a week when hockey stops in the spring for the summer.

With my trip to Yorkdale on Monday this week, a seven-day stretch ended for me at work. I had Tuesday off and then was back at work for Wednesday and Thursday, which led to having a three-day weekend with my ladies. By Thursday I was really feeling the need for the days off, and with nothing much else planned than to spend the time with Danielle and Emelia. The days I had off this week afforded me the ability to take Emelia to gymnastics all three times and be able to see a significant amount of her training. I know I am her Dad, and a little biased, but one thing I am just floored by these days is her strength. But also in the muscle tone on her body – the effects of all the conditioning is clearly there as she swing from the bars.

The rest of the weekend was everything at whatever the hell pace we wanted. Of course there was the usual things that needed to be done. But, there was as much of the what do you want to do? moments too. Emelia got time to play with her friends, Danielle and I got plenty of us time too. We were able to get some much-needed chores done that had been nagging us, but more importantly Danielle and I got to go to bed two straight nights knowing their wouldn’t be alarms going off the next morning for either of us! And most importantly, there was also, as is the case these weeks lately, lots more camping planning talk too.

All-in-all, it was a perfect kind of week!

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What a week, we were blessed with some amazing weather to start the first part of the week. Three amazing days that allowed me to get the little ones outside and burning all their little kids energy in the sunshine. With record temperatures it allowed us to have the windows open to shake the last of the winter germs out of the house. The little ones were fighting coughs so getting fresh air was exactly what we needed. Thursday however we were brought crashing back to reality with the snow squall warnings in place meant that winter was not quite ready to let go. We woke Friday morning with a pile of the white stuff. This didn’t keep us in as I was able to get the kids out to play group to wrap up our week.

By the time the weekend was upon us I was more than ready for it. It was a long week with the little ones battling colds, the amazing weather made it bearable but I was happy to see the end of the work day Friday night. John had the day off and once we got our errands done, car back from the mechanics we were able to squeeze in the last of the evening to see Emelia’s training. She has worked so hard for everything so far and we keep loving seeing her train to achieve her goals. Her competition is coming up next month so the real push has really kicked in to push herself.

This weekend was one of those let’s see what we can get off this long to do list. We had no real plans so we finally took on that nagging ‘honey do’ list. After fighting the idea for over 10 years of daycare I finally caved to the idea of having someone come in every other week to give this house a real deep clean. With Emelia’s training, John’s work schedule, the daycare kids here all day it was just to the point when I realized I could use a bit of help. What this meant was we finally could not put off anymore the nagging project of cleaning out the office. We are making a shift from it being an office to another family space. After three hours, a lot of purging and work the third bedroom is finally ready to be used. So tomorrow morning our cleaner comes and she can hopefully take on this place and get it up to the standards I would like to have time to do.

The weekend was the best blend of getting things done, seeing Emelia at her dance and gymnastics and spending lots of time with friends and family. This is exactly what weekends should be.

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