A gymtastic weekend!

I finished first overall in our Mock Meet at gymnastics today!!

He said

Where last week ended with both Emelia and I overcoming the nasty stomach bug we seemed to inherit, I am happy to report that we are done with it. As well, that despite having the odd symptom here and here like a sore throat, Danielle seems to have dodged that bullet. Which considering every kid in her care at some point over the last few weeks has had some version of it, in addition to Emelia and I too. Perhaps it’s the super human powers she has from spending her days with germs all the time?

Monday, with me with the day off work and officially feeling better, and Emelia on the first day of her March Break, the goal of the day was for her and I to find something fun to do. Now, mind you she first wanted to spend the morning with Danielle and the kids at the school playground which afforded me a little bit more sleep in. But once they returned, after she had snack we were out to find something to do. She wanted to do a craft and we were off to Michael’s to find that. The irony is that a kid who wants to do everything, also easily gets overwhelmed where is seemingly a world of options. And for her that conundrum struck full on in the aisles of Michael’s. With so many options, she just couldn’t decide.

We even made a trip next door to Staples to see if she could find something there. After a fruitless trip to there, and then back into Michael’s again still didn’t produce a result. We decided a reprieve was in order and went over to Poppa and Grandma’s to play on her gymnastics bars. Even that didn’t really solve our restless child’s whim. We visited for a bit with Grandma and then were on our way to try her suggestion of looking for a craft at Scholar’s Choice. Thankfully that solution provided a result! Emelia and I decided on a terrarium kit that we could build together. (Or that I could watch her build as I quote apparently do more than I let her try)

The rest of the week, was really me working and Danielle having to take care of the kids and entertain a bored Emelia. Now, in Emelia’s defence, she has been much better about helping out around this week with Danielle. And then one of the days she did have a sleep over date with her besties from down the street. Before we knew it, the weekend was over and despite the word bored being uttered more than we’re happy with, for the most part we were unscathed.

The weekend, despite me working all weekend, Emelia and Danielle fresh off spending the entire week together were not ready to pull their hair out collectively. They found enough to do together Saturday while I was at work. But the real focus of the week was today and the Mock Meet her gymnastics team was going through to prep for the competition coming up in the next month. They had one a month ago and it brought to attention that they had a lot to work on. And it was clear as I left for work this morning, that Emelia was nervous about the morning, having had three meltdowns before I left for work. She finally acknowledged before I left that she was nervous and we talked about why and what she could do to overcome the nerves.

There was nothing better this morning was to be getting texts from Danielle about how amazing Emelia was doing. By the time my lunch break arrived I had four videos of each of her events and how she did. I was totally blown away. And the best part was they were headed to see me at the mall for the remainder of my lunch! So, I got to hear right from Emelia about how she did and to tell her to her face just how proud I was of her.

What a much better way to end the week in comparison to last. So proud of Emelia and so delighted to see the huge smile on her face.

She said

After last week’s plague of sickness I am happy to say this week we all returned healthier and happier. Good timing because this past week was Emelia’s March break and she was home all week to spend time with me and the little ones. Now spending a week with a house of toddlers and preschoolers isnt the funnest for an 11 year old she was amazing with the kids.

She spent her week working on crafts, obsessing over her gymnastics training and hanging out with me and her friends who were around. The nice break for her came Wednesday night when she had a sleepover with one of her life long close friends. They had an absolute blast, went to bed too late giggling to all hours. She came home at the end of the next day tired but full of stories. Before we knew it the week was almost done and she had lots of time together, with the kids and training for her competition next month. Emelia has been living and breathing gymnastics for the last few years but she has really pushed even harder over the last few weeks to prepare for next month’s competition. And her hard work is really paying off.

Today they had a mock meet to give the her level 3 team and the level 2 team the ability to get scored and ranked just like they will be next month. Emelia who was pretty stressed before we left pushed through and owned today! Her improvement over the last month is insane. She placed well last month at their previous mock meet this time she really blew me away. She placed 1st over all in her team, 1st on beam, vault and bars and came a close 3rd on floor. I cannot tell you how proud we are, there are days when she is frustrated but she pulls it together and really blows our mind.

With the competition just over a month away she is going to work even harder to clean up her small deductions so she is ready, she wants to stand high on the podium this year and I think she is in a position to do just that this year!

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