Family Day, A-Ok!

I got my professional gymnastics pictures back. I love them!!

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The week itself was a blur of work and the regular weekly post work activities which continued to be focused on getting to the gym every opportunity I had in order to close the activity rings on my Apple Watch for the Challenge we’re in at work. Last week I mentioned having already made it to Bronze, and this week I am proud to say I also blew past Silver and am currently sitting at 347 points to my goal of Gold. At the average per day I am currently getting it will only take me just over 3 days to reach it. With 9 days to go in the Challenge, I am pretty happy with my results. And the healthy consequence is that the gym routine is back!

This weekend being a long one thanks to Family Day in Ontario, I managed to have off at work which gave us all three days together. It worked out well because Danielle and I were headed to Toronto for the night to go to the Wolfe Island Music Festival Winter Ball – a concert to kick off the planning/funding for summer festival we go to every year. The night is filled with secret performers that I was fortunate enough to know about in advance, that get revealed as they hit the stage. We got to see the likes of a ton of our favourites like Justin Rutledge, Sarah Harmer, Chris Murphy (of Sloan) and the Born Ruffians to name a few. The night’s host was our friend Lana Gay of Indie 88 (in Toronto) and there were a slew of our CBC Radio 3 friends there too!

We headed down early enough to meet up with our friend Dawn and then others for dinner at The Skyline Restaurant before heading over to the show and meeting up with other friends too. The music was great and it was so great to see so many friends that we’ve made through loving music and supporting the artists and friends we have because of it. Dawn offered up her futon so we could crash for the night at her place rather than driving back late and tired after the show. We had a restful sleep and after a great breakfast at a greasy spoon in Dawn’s neighbourhood, we were on the road early the next day and back in London in time to catch about 45 minutes of Emelia’s practice.

With some of the competitive teams out of town for a competition, Emelia’s Level 3 group, and her friends Level 2 group ran through a mock competition where all the girls performed in the four elements and were graded. According to Poppa who was there watching, Emelia did great, which was certainly evident in her placing. She finished first on vault, beam, and third on uneven bars and floor ending with a first overall. As she was telling us about her scores, it was so great to hear how proud she was of her results and her performance.

The other big thing on our weekend radar was the London RV Show at the Western Fair. We definitely weren’t planning to go to find a new trailer, but the one thing we found last year when we went from thinking we might upgrade trailers to owning a new one two weeks later, we really missed out on shopping around and seeing what is out there. We pretty much were set on the one we purchased by brand and features and didn’t really look at anything else. So, we were excited to go see all the brands out there and see what features or layouts as Los existed.

After spending nearly 3 hours at the show, I can say I am even more cemented in the notion that we got the perfect one for us. We love the Apex brand the best as their finishes and layouts seem to the perfect mix of quality and space for a family. We definitely found the model we would go with down the road when we’d maybe want bigger, and we also found the one that we’d get when we retire and spend our years more in the trailer than the house. But the greatest thing to come out of that show was walking out feeling like we made the best choice in the one we have. And that we’re ready for camping season to be here. We’re only two and a half months from the first trip out!

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This week was a busy one for sure. The weather finally improved so I was able to get the daycare kids out to a few of our favourite playgroup. The change of pace was certainly welcomed and the kiddos just loved getting out and about. The whole week as the typical week for us, lots of after work activities with Emelia’s sports as well as trips to the gym to keep healthy. Emelia and I had a few more appointments this week as she was feeling the impact of all this training which meant a few trips to the chiropractor to keep her back health strong. She is finally feeling more to her typical strength and is back to pushing herself to get stronger and prepared for the upcoming competitions. The big change for her right not to get used to is new supports for her wrists as well as her band new grips for the uneven bars. She is feeling the bars more and is having to almost relearn some of the skills she already mastered. Thankfully we have lots of time as she doesn’t her first competition until the middle of April.

This week she was all about gymnastics! Last weekend we had spent the better part of 3 hours at the gym getting professional photos done, they did team, individual and promotional photos. With all these photos I wasn’t expecting ours back for a while, so when the email came on Friday with our proofs we were so excited to see them. And we love them, more importantly Emelia loves them! Over the weekend we had them printed and framed as art for Emelia’s room. She spent even more time updating her room including making a display for her medals from last years competitions and is excited to compete this year to hopefully add even more medals to her collection.

This weekend was such a perfect balance after a long winter. John and I got a mini-kid free getaway doing what we love, spending time with friends and listening to Canadian music. The night was incredible, lots of music we adored and spending time with so music loving friends. What an incredible night.

Today was all about family. We took today at a pretty lazy pace, we spend the morning watching some of the Olympics, went off to the gym to get our workout in. Emelia loves coming with us and I do love working out with her. Once we were done we came home and got ready to head off to the RV show. We have never been, it was amazing, overwhelming with so many options but certainly put us in the camping mood. We must have walked through 200 trailers today, they ranged from massive homes on wheels to tiny trailers. After going through so many companies it really anchored our decision that we love our trailer and the company we bought. We did find a few trailers that would consider if we ever did a sizeable upgrade but our trailer is one that will be more than enough for years to come.

The weekend is almost coming to an end but we are squeezing in one more family activity. We received some movie passes for Christmas and are going to go out tonight for a family movie night. Perfect end to a great weekend.

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