Going for gold!

We’ve been working really hard at getting ready for competition!

He said

Thursday this week I successfully crossed over from silver to gold in the fitness challenge, effectively reaching my goal 6 days ahead of the end of the competition which makes me happy. In order to reach it, over the course of the month, I needed to average 80 points per day. As of today I am at 99 points per day which includes some weekends (including the one we’re just wrapping up) where I gave myself permission to not go to the gym. So for the last few days of the month I just need to close all three of my rings (move, exercise and stand) for my teammates. And that I can totally do. But will still do the gym as my schedule this week allows me to close out strong.

On the topic of gold the television this week continued to be glued to the Winter Olympics and watching our Canadian team compete. Much to my delight, this week’s events included both the women’s and men’s ice hockey. And better was with the time change between here and South Korea where they were held meant some mornings I could get up early and watch Olympic hockey and some nights after work I could do the same. The real challenge however came Wednesday night when the gold medal women’s game that pitted Canada against USA, started at 11:45pm at night. Three periods of hockey didn’t solve anything so the game went to a 20 minute overtime that also didn’t solve anything. At 2:13am in the morning, USA won the gold medal in a game that were certainly be remembered for a long time. Bummer of an outcome for the Canadian women and for me too as I worked that day at 8:00am!

My schedule this week didn’t allow me to see really any of Emelia’s gymnastics but the good news is Danielle was able to see a lot of it and tell me all about her practices. And, one of Emelia’s old coaches Cait came into the store this week and was raving about Emelia’s gymnastics photos. Emelia was delighted to hear this and that Cait was going to be at the gym this Tuesday when she has her practice. Cait and Emelia made the same sort of connection she has now with her coach Jenna, and she’s been a favourite with all the girls there. She had to retire from coaching when her new job didn’t allow her the time to.

The post comes extra early tonight because I am headed down to Toronto tonight for some meetings for work at our Yorkdale store that will begin bright and early at 8:00am. Thankfully our friend Dawn is letting me couch surf on her futon so I can avoid the extra early morning drive down there tomorrow. And the best news is the weather is more spring like so there’s no worry about that.

With the Olympics over and the Wellness Challenge wrapping up mid week that means we begin a whole new month this week and get that much closer to summer and more importantly camping season. The trip to the RV show last weekend has got me day dreaming a lot more about camping and the weather we’ve been having is certainly adding to that. We’ve had plus temperatures and we put another winter month behind us this week, that means we keep getting closer to spending time with my ladies ’round campfires and the great outdoors – nothing makes me happier!

She said

This last week was the longest short week ever! We had an amazing 3 days off last weekend but as always the days following the extra long break for Family Day weekend typically means we are coming back to crap weather. This year was no different. The week involved a fair bit of rain (admittedly WAY better than snow) but with this rain and suddenly mild temps was that the snow melted insanely fast that resulted in flooding and much and slop everywhere. Not exactly the best weather to trek out with 5 small children. The kids were amazing and we filled our week with lots of fun inside it was just one of those 4 day weeks that felt like double that.

To add to the fun of the week on Tuesday after work I finished my work day and Emelia was safely at training I was going to get in a much needed workout. As I was driving I saw suddenly an engine warning light pop up on the panel of the Mini. I pulled over to the closest gas station and looked up what the warning light meant. Well it wasn’t good. The engine wasn’t firing properly and could at anytime decide not to fire at all leaving us stranded. I skipped the gym entirely and went right to Emelia’s training figuring it was better to be stuck where she was. I messaged around to a few people to see what I needed to do to balance out the rest of our week and figure out how to get ourselves to the mechanic to deal with this.

Thankfully Doug was able to meet us at Emelia’s gymnastics and follow us to the mechanics to leave it there for the night. I left the car with a message to have them call me in the morning. They assessed the car over the next couple days and we were in for a sizeable repair. We also asked them to look over the brakes as we had been dealing with some pulsing when I would slow down and apply the breaks. Answer – not good news. Between the coils and the spark plugs in the engine along with the brakes both front and back needing to be replaced we were looking at a sizeable bill. Not at all the news we wanted. But the hope is that by the end of this coming week we can be back to 100% on the car and be done with major repairs for a while.

Now the good news with all this car mess is that I was able to stay a fair bit at the gym and see Emelia do a lot of training this week. I loved seeing how far some areas of her training has come and then watching her work hard on the areas she needs to still work on. She has worked so hard on her training and we are always so proud of her.

As we move into a new week we are both hoping this week proves to be less eventful than last week and we can just enjoy the normal craziness of our day to day without adding in the extra ‘fun’.

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