We did a helluva lot of fun things!

We did our team gymnastics photos and I had my family birthday party!

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The gym visits continued this week as we entered the first, full week of the challenge. And I am proud to say that as of today, not only have I managed to close all three of my rings (move, exercise and stand) consistently every single day for the first eleven days, I have also already hit bronze. And at my currently daily average, I will get to silver in five days. That will leave me twelve days to reach my goal of gold by the end of the month. And the best part of the challenge is that I am feeling better, my pants fit better, and the routine is back since it was derailed completely by the holiday season.

Monday this week as soon as I got home from work we were off to pick up Emelia’s friend from gymnastics, Olivia so we could get back downtown to Budweiser Gardens to see the Rodger’s & Hammerstein production of Cinderella which Mom & Dad got us tickets to see. The girls absolutely had a blast with the production and were up way past their bedtimes. The nice thing is it was not exactly like the Disney version they were accustomed to, and it was a lot more grownup to boot. Emelia was telling us all about her favourite characters into the next day and was super appreciative of having the chance to see it on a school night.

Tuesday and Thursday this week I had some later shifts to accommodate so moving around of product at the store. Thursday was just a slightly later close and Thursday was an overnight. Thursday’s shift meant I needed to head from work at 6:00am in the morning straight to Friday morning hockey, which I’ve done in the past. However this overnight got wrapped up early and I was home in bed and trying to catch a couple hours shuteye before the 6:15am alarm for hockey. It was definitely rough and I almost didn’t make it out of bed. But I made it groggy to hockey, played my hour and then came straight back home to bed.

I had Friday and Saturday off work which allowed me to be a gymnastics Dad for Emelia’s Friday practice. And then Saturday was a stacked day as Emelia had jazz dance class, then a play date, Danielle & I had a gym date, Emelia had gymnastics team photos and then we ended the day at my parents and the family joint birthday party for Emelia and her cousin Amy with Matthew & Shawn back from their Hawaii trip. It was one busy day but it was filled with a TON of smiles and laughter from Emelia which was the perfect remedy for a busy week at work.

Today because we had our inventory at the store I had a later shift which afforded me a bit of a sleep in, before we needed to get up and rolling with the day. We got in a trip to the gym again with Emelia off at gymnastics and then I was off to work. As I reflecting on the week that I just shared, it’s finally dawned on me that we did a helluva lot of fun things! What a great week.

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What a busy week! This entire week it seemed we had something going on every night. It was a week filled with odd schedule shifts for John, activities for Emelia and a week of up and down weather. This week we got hit again and again with winter’s wrath. Every day this week we got hit with snow and dropping temperatures. Sadly this meant a lot of time inside with the little ones, they were good as gold but it still makes for a long week being trapped inside.

Thankfully each night we had something fun to keep us busy. Monday started with tickets to see Cinderella. We were gifted the family pack of 4 tickets which meant that Emelia could take a friend. Now she has a few best friends so it was hard for her to make a choice, I finally told her I would take the choice out of her hands so she didn’t worry and we chose to take her gymnastics bestie Olivia. The girls had an absolutely amazing time. They are long past the princess stage but to see this broadway production and all the magic of the production kept the girls on the edge of their seats. They loved everything about it. It was an amazing production and we had an amazing time.

Tuesday was once again another busy night with Emelia’s gymnastics training. Thankfully Poppa could take her and I was able to come over and see her for a fair bit of her training getting some video of how far her routines have come in the last few weeks. Her strength and flexility blow us away and her hard work and determination has really paid off. We are so proud of her!

Before we knew it the end of the week was upon us, John who had to work the overnight Thursday night was able to take Emelia to training on Friday. He was able to watch her a bit before coming home and us braving the latest winter storm to get much needed groceries. The roads were terrible and slow going so it meant that we could only make it back to see her train for a short period of time at the end of the night. We made our way home slowly and came home to settle in to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Saturday was another busy day. Emelia had been invited to one of her closest friends from school for a play date. The girls are in jazz together so Evelyn’s mom took the girls to their class and then back to their place for a few hours. It was Emelia, Evelyn, Anna and Grace (the girls are attached at the hip at school) full of smiles and giggles when we went to pick Emelia up. We rushed over to Helen and Doug’s for a visit. This weekend we were set to celebrate both Emelia and Amy’s birthdays with the family. The dates were set and then a week ago we received a message that Emelia’s gymnastics team were doing their first professional team photos. Not only the entire large team but smaller individual team pics and individual athlete photos. As well add in that the owners wanted some of the athletes to stay to do some additional photos for their new website and social media pages. What did this mean? It meant getting Emelia dressed and ready for competition and rushing across town to get her to the gym for photos. With over 200 members of the team it was a LONG process, much longer than anyone thought it would be. Almost 3 hours alter we finally were able to leave and go back to Helen and Doug’s to celebrate the family dinner.

We felt horrible that everyone waited around forever to celebrate Emelia’s birthday but honestly we always love seeing Emelia in her absolute element. She is a completely different child when she steps on that floor, she is so in her zone and we LOVE watching her train and just play around doing flips with ease.

Thankfully we were able to get back to see the family after all the pictures were done, we were so grateful that everyone stayed to see her and we got to share cake and time with the family while the girls opened their birthday presents. Emelia once again got spoiled, lots of Roots clothes from her grandparents, some gymnastic home training accessories from her Aunt Linda, Uncle David, Aunt Testza and Uncle Greg and she got some cash from her Uncle Matthew and Uncle Shawn. She was so happy so grateful for everything she received. What a loved and happy girl.

Today we were back at the gym again for her training. Once she was done training we managed to meet up with her best friends Anna and Grace and the girls happily spent the afternoon together crafting and making their beloved slime. Needless to say this was a crazy week and weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow to hopefully a slightly less crazy week before the family day long weekend!

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