Long weekends were made for catching up

Yup, we Canadians are enjoying one of the wonderful rights of being Canadian… the acknowledgment of summer… The August Long Weekend which is created by the little understood Civic Holiday.  Who cares why we get an extra day off this weekend, we’ll just enjoy it!

he said

So, this weekend we were home and had an extra day to enjoy that. We had the window finally installed in the bathroom this week and found out that the brand new dishwasher we got isn’t working. Doing dishes by hand kinda sucks, yo! But it’s gonna be replaced. Otherwise, things are moving along nicely. Both in Danielle’s belly and in our home.

We started yesterday attacking the yard that had gone unmanicured and virtually attacked a summer’s worth of overgrowth in one day. Cut the grass, trimmed the hedges, attacked the Jumangi-esque ivy that was choking out almost every patch of garden we have. Got it all bagged up and enjoyed a rather nice John Sleeman Fine Porter on the front porch – a luxury for quite some time I haven’t had since the porch was covered in a great many “things” . We picked up curtain rod for the shower like the one that Cheryl has and a bunch of other finishing things for the bathroom, and called it a day for “work” type things.

We punctuated the day with another ritual of the August long weekend by heading down to Victoria Park for Ribfest!! I got my snack on, as did Danielle, while we sat in the grass and enjoyed one of our favourite things that accompanies this weekend (aside from a sticky full slab of ribs smothered in smoky sauce goodness)… the Karaoke contest! We knew it was time to go when the 65+ year old “karaoke tech” did a stunning rendition of Snow’s “Informer” in the breaks between one of the age categories.

We stopped at Marble Slab Creamery (Yes, Ryan, Brian not quite as good as Cold Stone in Vegas as it had Vegas around it) and imbibed in some ice cream heaven. We then jaunted on down to Harris Park home of the Balloon Festival and caught some of Mobile and then Sloan before deciding it was time to call it a night. Good times, good times indeed.

Today calls for a little more of a work party. First, we’re cleaning up the front porch and returning it to the zen den of relaxamacation it once was. And then I am going to mount the shower curtain and tackle as many of the few thousand other tiny, odd jobs. And hopefully we’ll end the the day with a visit Vaughan, as Greg called yesterday to let us know he wanted to come visit Aunt Danielle and Uncle John cause he missed them. Of course he did, we’re pretty fricken’ awesome!


she said

So we continue working on the house, the kitchen is essentially done with the exception of trim and the backsplash and we could not be happier. The bathroom is close. We hope to finish getting the cabinets up today along with the trim and then all we need to do is get the contractor back in here so we can get the caulking finished so we can actually use the shower. What a concept!!!

As for the pregnancy nothing really new: more stretching pains and a bit more energy which is a welcome change. The belly is still popping, some days I look pregnant other days… well, just heavier. Thankfully as per the scale I am not gaining more weight than I need to, I am only up 2 pounds so far so this belly is the result of baby not the ribs last night for dinner.

Well we must get some things done today, so we are off for another day of getting our life back.

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