Weekend Away…

We took a much need break from working on the house this week to get away to Pelee Island. And we passed a big milestone this week to boot!

he said

We got back home finally last weekend and although it’s not a house completely ready for us, it feels great to be back here with animals in tow. Though, showering at the Y after our morning workout every day isn’t as great as you’d think… I know, surprising isn’t it? Communal shower room vs. our newly redone bathroom we love and the Y wins, hands down… (not). But, the window in the bathroom goes in Wednesday and once it’s there, and we have the silicone sealant done, essentially everything is go for showers at home!

There aren’t any reno pictures this week to speak of. Since we’re back home and so close to being done, we’re going to leave it until we can post the pictures of each of the rooms in the final state to give them their proper due. And I have to say, we are pretty happy with the results so far – it is a world of difference. I dare say, we have some good collective tastes Danielle and I.

This weekend we changed gears bigtime from working on the house, and in stead we got away for the yearly (hey, it’s only the second year but who cares?) Pilgrimage to Pelee Island for the weekend with Greg and Sherri, to see Greg’s band, The Mammals play. Last year we rented a cottage and stayed there, a bunch of us. This year for lack of cottage availability, we stayed at the main hotel. We had a great time. And, the sun, heat, and swimming were much need respite from very busy last month and a half.

And the other great news is that Ryan (my reno-coach) and Kari have bought their next project. And the best part is, its in our neck of the woods. It’s only a couple of blocks over from us – a ten minute walk if that. And, being what I have learned from him and the work we’re just finishing here, I feel a lot more comfortable in helping him out. And about the time I finish here, they will be taking possession of the new place and I can help out if need be. But the better part is we’ll be neighbours sort of which I know for Danielle, is important that she’ll be close and Kari and her will have some time off together on their maternity leave.

That’s all for this week, it’s time to hit the hay.


she said

This was a big week for us: We are now officially in our second trimester. Look at us, the little efficient developers. I am starting to show a lot more – not that I was hiding it but I don’t think I could even if I wanted to. It is funny reading the pregnancy books and they tell me that I might want to move into maternity clothes this week. Duh, I have been in maternity clothes for weeks, at least the bottoms. It feels great finally making the transition, I am actually not falling asleep at 8:00 these days, I am still tired but definitely feeling better than I have been in weeks.

We celebrated the transition with a weekend away. Did we ever need that. It was amazing just getting away, slowing down and not dealing with the house. We are back to reality and will spend the next few weeks getting the finishing touches on the house.  After a long weekend in the sun and heat I am beat… so I am off to bed!!!!

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