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We’re into week 16 in the pregnancy and things are going very well. We got back to Wallaceburg this weekend for WAMBO and to see The Mammals play at Roxxy’s. Good times had by all.

he said:

We finally have a shower back – complete with shower curtain and everything! That means no more showering like a commoner at the Y every morning after our workouts. It also means we’re a lot closer to proclaiming the bathroom complete.  Aside from making 8 trips to and back to Canadian Tire and then Home Depot in search of the perfect under the cabinet trash can this week, it was a pretty low key week.

Friday, we slipped over to Ryan and Kari’s to repay a few of the gallons sweat equity he loaned us on our reno. They are getting their current house ready to list, so we went over to help however we could. That meant Danielle preoccupied Cordelia and Paige while Mommy, Daddy and I did some of the odd jobs that needed doing so they could start showing this upcoming week.

Yesterday we got down to Wallaceburg for Wambo and to see Greg’s band play at their favourite haunt there: Roxxy’s. Before we went there we went had dinner at the restaurant of a friend of mine parent’s that I went from kindergarden all through high school with. She even went to University of Windsor but we never seemed to cross paths there… At any rate through the wonders of the internet and Classmates we got to reconnect and relive our old awkward yearbook photos. And not to be outdone I got to run into another bunch of high school friends at the bar. It was awesome to see those familiar and friendly faces… all in all, a great day.

Today we got back in to to town, I went to Mom & Dad’s and grabbed their ladder, headed back to the house and proceeded to climb that ladder up to the hot box the attic was to put the insulation in there and attach the bathroom exhaust to the vent duct. I got that down so I mounted the shower curtain and the ‘over-the-john’ cabinet and a bunch of other here-and-there things done. And after I get done this and dinner, we’re headed over to Ryan & Kari’s to help them out a bit more.

This week I have Friday off which ain’t so bad. And making it even better is the reason: My friend Dana is coming up from Chicago to visit.

And that’s all I got…


she said

This was a week of little touches. There are a million little details that are done and still yet to be done. But little by little we are getting our home back. The biggest news on the home reno side… drum roll please…. we have a shower. EEEEKKKKK. I am now done with the public shower at the gym and back using our beautiful new shower. I could not be happier.

We had a great weekend away and got to do something that we love: we saw Greg and his band. I realized that soon it will not be as easy to do this. Although we can not wait until the baby comes I have decided that I am going to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy and the life we have.  And speaking about the pregnancy I think we are getting very close to the point that I can feel this little one kick. I have been having strange flutters and thud feelings on the left side. Since I have never made it this far before I am not sure if this is the baby… but I will enjoy the idea that I can start feeling our little miracle.

Well off to Kari and Ryan’s to help them get their house ready to go on the market.

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