Why we started this

This week started happy and ended a bit sad…

he said


When we originally started this space on the web it was with the intention of following the  change in our lives  to document our pregnancy. And sadly though, we lost that pregnancy before we ever made any headway here. And then, came the second pregnancy and the same outcome.  When, along came the third one, we spent a lot of time basically being too afraid to get attached given our rough last 6 months. And then came the reno to take our minds and focus away from the pregnancy. And for the most part it did, but it was still in the backs of our minds.

pastedGraphic_1.pdfAnd, before we knew it we made it up to Monday and the ultrasound at 12 weeks – the furthest we had made it yet. And, as much as we tried to not worry, we were worried about it. After the close to hour wait we had together there was a gruelling long 45 minute wait by myself after they had taken Danielle in (I wasn’t allowed in for the first bit as a policy to keep the appointments moving along). A wait where I got to contemplate just had badly I want this child. I do.

pastedGraphic_2.pdfBut, after  the wait I was brought back to the ultrasound room where I saw a smile on Danielle’s face and I knew everything was okay. And then I got to see the lil’ gaffer that has been making Danielle so tired. And it moved, and it moved a lot. We got to hear the heartbeat, and I even saw it suck its thumb (just like Daddy did till after he was 6). I can’t begin to explain the relief and how it felt to see this little miracle and I can’t wait to meet you!


The week ended on a sad note. We heard from Danielle’s father on Saturday that Danielle’s Gramma died peacefully in her sleep after some quick deterioration in the last week in her health. She lived a long life and touched a lot of lives, which is why it sad to see her go. I consider myself lucky to have had her in mine. See you Nana…


she said

This was a week of new beginnings and sad endings. As John said we had our 12 week ultrasound, it was amazing seeing this little creature with all the necessary parts bouncing around. What an active little bean we have!!! I am in for some sleepless nights once I can feel movement I am telling you. Well the baby is growing just as it should and we are relieved to make it to this important first milestone.

The next big thing is that we are home – dust and lack of running water and all. We have spent the last two days straight cleaning and scrubbing so that we can have our home back – we have a long way to go but it beginning to look more like our new and improved home.

The end of an exciting week came crashing down when we got a call from my father on Saturday. After a brief but rapid decline in health my Nana passed away. It seems that she died peacefully in her sleep after breakfast. The last few years my grandmother was not the same person I knew – gone was the woman who was the true head of the family. Age had taken its toll, that and laying to rest her husband and eldest child in the last years of her life. So here it to Marjorie Japp, we will love and cherish the many years we were lucky enough to share with you. We love you Nana.

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