What a difference a week makes!

This week things got moving so fast we almost couldn’t keep up. Big changes and breakneck advances in the work on the house. And we even squeezed in a rawk show to boot!

he said

Let’s get this out of the way first… We celebrated Canada Day in musical fashion by going to the John Labatt Centre and seeing mighty good little rock show. We arrived twenty minutes late and completely missed John Ralston, who I really did want to see. And Say Anything ended up not playing because the singer same down with streptococcus. But, City and Colour was fantastic – I prefer Dalas’ solo stuff by far to his mainstay. And as for Dashboard Confessional… I was fully impressed. Indie emo band icons, usually come with all the trappings of the shoe-gazer /anti hero / nothing can be too popular genre, but here was this guy belting out these tunes and he really seemed to love playing in front of a crowd. Think  what you want about the band, and that ‘aisle’ in the musical supermarket spectrum, I happen to like it and it’s refreshing to see someone enjoying playing in front of a crowd, and feeding off the vibe of a lot of people digging what you are doing.  Even though, the mean age of the crowd made me feel like I should cry and then run home immediately post about it on my Live Journal or MySpace. In stead, Danielle and I got Sammy Souvlaki came back home, watched 5 minutes of TV and went to bed.

Though, easily the highlight of my night was seeing this dad about 3 rows ahead of us – there with his adorable daughter, all of 8 or 9 years old. And  I thought how great of that dad, and what a cool kid to have such musical tastes so young. That was until Dashboard started and I realized dad was more of a fan than daughter, and he was sharing a special moment with her. He even bought her a rawk tee. And quietly I looked over to Danielle’s tummy to the lime-sized fruit of us inside her and I said, ‘that is going to be me one day, okay?’. And the pact was made. Done and/or done.

Now… the house. Yes, the house. Last week I can safely say I felt was on the verge of  near failure and that nothing would get done. But then, came Wednesday, the first of my three days off this week, in an effort to tackle the schedule head-on and get it on to the next stage. And aside from the hairy wait of both inspections that had to happen before anything could move forward, we made it through both unhindered. And then things immediately (and I mean immediately), got going too fast and too furiously… tokyo drift style. Drywall went up. Cabinets arrived. New electrical panels were installed. Plumbing was roughed-in. Countertops arrived. Bath tubs installed. A lot of steps that are getting us closer to the finish line. In fact we may be starting painting as early as Monday or Tuesday night. See? Fast moving.

Now, I am going to do something I haven’t had a chance to do in a while – enjoy a day with Danielle.


she said

It is amazing the difference a week makes, as the drywall goes up and is about done on the main level as well as having the tub installed we can see the light at the end of this long tunnel. We may actually be moving home soon!!!! Back to a home that is buried now in kitchen cupboards boxes in the living room, and a nursery that is full of the bathroom cabinets and faucets. To think that we will be home in a week and half is amazing.

Nothing new on the baby front – the nausea seems to be finally done (other than the occasional gagging over Cliff’s vial smelling dog food), the breasts although tender are not the rock hard breasts that were constantly painful – hopefully this is just a normal developmental stage in the pregnancy which all indications from the books is true – somewhere in the second to third month this is supposed to be going away – we are now in month three. Still tired, in bed most nights at 8:30 – and tonight I can imagine that it will be even earlier since I was up until well after 11:00 because of the concert – the nap helped but I did spend half of the concert trying to catch flies!

So we are off to Ikea to find some detail accessories for the kitchen and bathroom and to do something we have not done in about 5 weeks, a full day together.

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