Gettin’ close!


We actually painted this week. And cabinets are going in tomorrow. And I saw Wilco!

he said

All of a sudden I am all Ronnie Rawkshow. For the second weekend in a row, I took a break from the work at the house to go to Centennial Hall to see Wilco play. And let me tell you, that band brings an absolutely fantastic live performance to flank an already incredible library of recorded work. Their new-ish guitarist Nels Cline adds a real unique energy to their show. The M’s opened for them and they were pretty good in spite of not having the full sound system at their disposal. The rock snob scenester in me was proud to add Wilco to my important list of bands I have scene play live. A list that includes: The Ramones in a bar here in London; Radiohead at an even smaller bar here; Teenage Fanclub with Radiohead at the same place I saw Wilco last night; Ben Folds Five before anyone ever knew their first album; and of course Buffalo Tom! There’s tons more and I have all the ticket stubs too.

And last night I did something I didn’t do in the last two pregnancies… I bought our kid it’s first present. A rawk shirt! In true Grup fashion, I bought shirt that will display to all kids and their parents in the sandbox, Daddy and Mommy’s discerning and clearly cool musical tastes. So, I figure that means this pregnancy is gonna work, right? I hope so.

So yah… there is this house project we’re doing too.  So, this week is the process of a lot wrapping up. As Ryan says, we’re now into the stage where everything we do is a “wow” factor. When the drywall went up, it was ‘Wow, it’s starting to look like something’. And then when I put on the coats of drywall primer and the room went white and much more cleaner and finished looking it was an even bigger wow. And then when I put on the first coat of paint last night before rushing off to the concert, it was even more of a bigger wow! And now I am headed over their to put on the final coat of colour and touch up some spots on the ceiling. And then tear up the little portion of wood flooring in the dining room where the ceramic tile from the kitchen will go. Tomorrow the kitchen cabinets go in and I can’t even imagine the wow feeling that is going to incite. It feels great to be making all this progress and getting closer to the final product!


she said

I am happy to say that it looks like we are about a week and a half away from completion of the renovation, we will probably be working on the finishing touches for some time but for now we are getting to the bitter end. The big difference was seeing the paint on the walls yesterday. John will put that final coat on today and get the sub-floor in and tomorrow morning the long awaited kitchen cabinets and counters go in. I am soooo excited to know that tomorrow when I get done work that we will have some cabinets, that not only open in the proper direction but are pretty to boot.

On the pregnancy front, I am still horribly tired and I have noticed that my belly is starting to pop – so hopefully look pregnant and not fat. The big milestone is coming the big ultrasound is next Monday – we hope that we see a active little 12 week fetus happily growing strong in there.

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