Building back up

pastedGraphic.pdfAs you can tell by the late time in the day of this post, we’re getting really busy these days with all there is to do in order to make sure we’re ready for the cabinets in time for their install.

he said

This week I had the plumbing finished up and the electrical started & readied for its inspection. I had another Friday off to get more work done – mostly the electrical, and the soffit that we’re installing to conceal the plumbing stack. We’re going to cover it with wood and stain it so it looks like a beam and not entirely out of place (you can see it’s skeleton frame in the picture). But the best thing was we got the new window in the kitchen installed. That coupled with the insulation I started (and finished) on the wall, and its really starting to feel like we’re moving forward.


This upcoming week is going to be insanely busy at best. Monday I have the finish work on the HVAC vent that is being relocated. Monday night I need to strap the the kitchen and dining room in preparation for the drywall which goes in Wednesday. Add that I have a roller hockey game Monday night & need to have both the electrical and the HVAC inspected Tuesday, so that the drywall can start to go in Wednesday. I also need to make sure all the drywall supplies are ordered for delivery on Tuesday. And then I have to hope that I am able to get the big projects I am working on at my day job out of the way before Wednesday as I am off the rest of the week to make sure I am around the house so I can keep things moving along. I’m starting to feel a little cramped… schedule-wise.

And I haven’t even had time to really think that developmentally, right now, we are further along in this pregnancy than we have been in the other two… or time to worry about that. Cross your fingers for us.


she said

So much happened this week, we can actually see some real change at the house. I can not say in words how proud I am of John and all that he has taken on. I have not been of any help with this renovation so the entire project has been put on his  shoulders.

The big change that was seeing the insulation in and the new beautiful window in the kitchen. So much will change this week that it is hard to even imagine that we are making the final turn in this huge project. We are at the frustrating and daunting task of deciding on the finishing touches, we know in our head what we want for lighting but are finding it hard to find the actual material. So in the middle of this week when John has no free time we need to start making these decisions. Hopefully a trip to Ikea is in our near future and we can find what we are after.

Well as John has mentioned we have made it to a significant milestone, we are now further along developmentally than we have ever been (although we did not have bleeding until 12 weeks the first time and 10 weeks the second time). As of right now I am officially 9 weeks and 1 day, we feel better because I am still having tons of symptoms although the horrible nausea seems to be a bit better – YEAH!!! We have been booked for our 12 week ultrasound and hope more than anything that we see that beautiful growing baby and strong heartbeat on July 17th.

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