That’s a lot of plaster!

So… We got our deconstruction on this weekend. Hardcore.

he said

The bin arrived Friday afternoon and we got right into the renovation proper. Saturday morning, the crew of my brother Matthew, my friend Rich and of course, Ryan arrived around noon. And out came the sledge hammers, pry bars and Sawzall. And down came the drywall, more drywall, plaster, lath and layers of building materials. And Ryan was right: the easy part is pulling stuff off the wall. The real pain in the keester is the cleanup and removal of the plaster. That is a buttload of work. But perseverance  and the steady help of the crew got a lot of the work done.

I headed back over early this morning and with Ryan we picked up where we left off and finished the the bathroom and  got the wall out between the kitchen and dining room. And for the most part aside from a few things here and there, the demo is done. We’re ready to move on to the next stage.

And yes, I said ‘headed back over’ as in we are staying somewhere else… more specifically, my brother Greg and Sherri’s place. I entertained the notion that we might be able to live at the house during the reno, but that quickly was dispelled when we made our only bathroom go bye-bye. So we packed up animals and some things and are held up here and that way we can make more serious headway at the house.

That’s about all for now, there’s pictures here.

Oh! P.S. Anyone who says “they don’t build houses like they used to”, I will personally punch in their face. Do you know how many trees died for one house??


she said

John got stuck with the worst of the mess for the weekend – I was instructed to be a far away from the house as possible, with all the junk in the air we just do not want to take any chances. So I was off for the day with three of my favourite people, Kari, Paige and Cordelia. It was a low key day for us since Kari is still not getting much sleep these days so the visit started with a group nap which we all needed. So when I arrived back at the house at about 8 o’clock I was in shock and amazement at what the guys has accomplished. Needless to say there was no way that we were staying at the house. Thankfully Greg, Sherri & Vaughan generously agreed to take the whole family in for a couple of days, me, John, Clifford and Skylar (in-spite of her protests). Well off to bed after a long day.

P.S. Happy 40th Birthday David… it was amazing being able to fit in a visit to Welland to see everyone.

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