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Yup… still talking about renovations. But, this week we’re a lot further on. Also we got to meet Cordelia on Thursday night for the first time. And oh! we ordered cabinets for the kitchen – there’s no turning back now!

he said

Well, we have a plan in place finally for the reno! Ryan, one of the first friends I made when moving to back London after being in Windsor for our university years. I met him while playing on a throw-together hockey team. He is going to help me manage the work. And even show me how to do a few things too. Ryan and and his wife Kari are a couple of our closest friends. Ryan is the one I ran the roller hockey league with for 8 years. And he and Kari, are the ones we have vacationed with many a summer. Both were in our  wedding party (and us in theirs). They’re parents of Paige (Danielle’s goddaughter)  and more recently the aforementioned Cordelia. So… it only seems fitting that we go through this with their help too, since we’re always kind of there to lean on each other.

At any rate, Ryan has just finished the second of his buy | renovate | sell home projects and he has gained a metric ton of experience along the last 5 years doing a lot of the work himself. And the best part is, he offered up his help – I hate asking friends to do something like this because I know we’re all busy these days. But, to have him wanting to help me tackle this was a huge relief. And savings. We’re talking HUGE savings. I’ll owe him big time. I have envied his fortitude with both his houses and what he did with them, but thought managing a project like that was just not something I couldn’t do. Now, with his help and experience, I might be able to.

So… Next weekend. We start. Officially. The drywall, plaster and lath are coming down. And the wall. I am excited beyond belief.  Without further adieu, I give you the first pictures in a long series that we’ll call This week in Reno! (not the Nevada one)


she said

So there were a few highlights for the week… we booked the kitchen and got the delivery date. They told us it would be between 4-6 weeks for the delivery of the cabinets. So we thought although it faster than we originally planned, it would be done  sooner which is great. The call came and the cabinets will be arriving on June 16th!!!!!! Holy crap… I am happy that it will be done earlier I just hope we can get it all done. The boys are taking on the huge first step next weekend – the kitchen will be going bye-bye!!!! We have started picking away here and there but the big demo will begin next week when the dumpster comes.

The biggest highlight despite the big projects was meeting little miss Cordelia. She is beautiful, full head of hair, and the sweetest face. It was so nice holding a newborn again … hopefully we can have a little one of our own soon!!!

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