It’s the details…

This week, more than anything, we found out that the work in this reno is a steady line of dominoes – each job needing to be finished so the next could happen.

he said

Luckily for a lot of the work in this reno, we have friends we met through the roller hockey league that work in the trades. In fact, the mens division was a gold mine of people in the construction trades here in London.  And both the plumber and the electrician I have lined up in addition to being great at what they do are pretty great hockey players too. And pretty good friends too. Plus I’d rather give the money to someone I know, and have them in the house than some complete stranger, ya know… And the cost, is really reasonable. Like really.

This week, we didn’t do too much that is noticeable. Well, we did do a lot – the plumbing is completely redone and the stack is moved and everything vented properly. You just won’t be able to see much in the pictures. And the bathroom works exactly how we wanted it to. Which is a big relief. Oh and we can do raundry now! Which will be good since I have 5 foot high pile of dirty clothes.

But the bathroom isn’t completed yet. The tub needed to have a tiling flange attached, and as result, it wouldn’t be delivered until at the soonest, this Wednesday or Thursday. The faucets did arrive – we went with the Delta Faucet, Brizo line for everything – and man do they ever make me excited to see the end result. These faucets is hawt, yo! By next weekend, we may be able to have the tub and toilet. So that means that we’ll be held up another week and Greg, Sherri & Vaughan’s. Which isn’t entirely bad either  : )

In the next week, hopefully we’ll get the electrical and HVAC duct work done or close to done too. And that is the last of the things that need to be completed so we can get the inspections, and then the drywall and framing can start. And then mudding, painting and then cabinets. And then finishing… and so on. And so forth. Oh and the new windows are in there too. See? Big line of dominoes.


she said

My week was slightly less eventful since I am banished from the construction. Instead I took the role of a two (almost) three-year-olds playmate which is not all that bad.

Before we get any further into things John and I have been holding off one big topic on the blog for the last 4 weeks, mainly because we wanted to tell the people in our lives that are closest in person or at least on the phone. We are expecting again! We hope more than anything that the third time is the charm. If so, we will be welcoming our first baby in late January 2007. So that puts us at just about 7 weeks. We are nervous about the next few weeks but we are doing everything we can to keep this baby safe and sound.

The day-to-day fatigue, nausea and all-around feeling like crap has been my existence for the last few weeks. We will gladly take it all – I just would prefer that pregnancy came with roses and chocolate and not the the previous mentioned symptoms. Other than the work on the house the big milestone we have this coming week is the first ultrasound where we can see the baby and the wee, little heartbeat. We are taking things one milestone at a time this time. First is this ultrasound, the second, and biggest step which will allow us to really breathe and enjoy the pregnancy, is the next ultrasound at about 12 weeks.

So that was the week that was… well we are off for the day with Greg, Sherri, John and Vaughan to Fanshawe for the day to see the Teeter aunts and uncles.


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