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This week introduced us to two new people. Well… the newest one we have yet to meet: Cordelia arrived in the wee hours Friday May 19th in time for the long weekend. We’re hoping to get over to see her today or tomorrow. And the other is newish since it took us six months to get our schedules in the same direction. We finally got to meet Joshua, son of one our friends, Maryellen. He’s six months old, and quite an alright little dude.

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As mentioned, last Sunday we went and saw Hawksley Workman at the Aoelian Hall here in London. I have to be honest I didn’t really know that much about him until Matthew lent me some of his albums. And when Danielle’s younger sister Chantelle told me how his song “Jealous of Your Cigarette” was part of her rolling soundtrack when she was giving up ‘the smoke’. Never had seen him live, and I didn’t know all of his songs… just knew he did an amazing cover of The Joy Division’s, Love Will Tear Us Apart”. Well, after seeing him, I would totally go see him again. And especially at that venue. Cool little place. At any rate, he gave us three encores, and some of the most hilarious asides in between songs that were almost more worth hearing than his amazing songs. A great, show.


And, as mentioned, we did get to meet Joshua this weekend. We had Mare and Josh down Friday night and got to hang out until later in the afternoon yesterday,  before she hopped a train back to Toronto. It was nice to see Mare again as we haven’t in a long time. We caught up, we relaxed. And we watched some movies. I know Mare is having a hard time as a single parent, but Danielle and I both think she is doing a wonderful job, as Josh is evidence. It was a wonderful visit, though it flew by too quickly, but really good to have them here. And just as good to have her in the house and to see friendly smiles. And a few laughs.

So here I am, in the midst of a long weekend, with a whole other day off yet, before I tumble into the work week. Which is glorious I tells ya!! So, I leave you with some things my camera phone has seen and keeps forgetting to share with all y’all. Don’t hate the playah, hate the phone…

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As John mentioned the long (REALLY long if you ask the new mommy) awaited newest McFadden arrived. Cordelia Lorraine arrived on May 19th. As requested Cordelia was kind to her mommy, unlike the labour and delivery of Paige this was a much better experience. 5 hours… 5 pushes… and a new little one arrived. We can not wait to meet her – as evidenced by Paige, those two make some pretty darn cute kids.

It was amazing to have another baby in the house – Josh was an absolute joy to have. He is a snuggle bum which helped with the clock ticking inside me.  He is incredibly cute. Oh yeah and Mare was here too. Hahahahaha. It was so amazing seeing her after all this time and being able to talk face to face… to share the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of our lives over the last year was incredible.

And the car was barely in park before John started ‘exploring’ more behind the walls of the bathroom and tearing out the floor. We have to get a start soon on the demo – the cabinets are going to take about 6-8 weeks which may seem like a long time but considering we are doing the tear-out ourselves at nights and on weekends and that we have to get the electrical, heating and plumbing rerun as well as drywall framed and up before that time… Oh yeah and the floor in the kitchen needs to be tiled before then too! So we have a few, long weeks ahead. Did we mention that we have not finalized the schedule or tradespeople yet?

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