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Before we get knee deep in what we’re up to, we’d both like to send out a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers we know. Today is a special day where we get give a little back to those who sacrifice the most for us. Especially when you consider how we get here… and then add on the years of turmoil we give them from that point forward. 🙂

he said

This week was a  very busy week to say the least. I had something to do every single night this week, in addition to my day job. But the good news is that all of it was fun. We’re still knee deep in the renovations and that planning is still fun. We’re excited right now at what we have come up with for the kitchen through Home Depot. The wall can still come out between the dining room and we can still have cabinets we like and not be absolutely broke in doing so. One night we spent at Rona and another at Home Depot. Two hours both times. As soon as we have a picture of the design plan, I’ll try and get it up here to keep the progress in a place that we can look at years from now and laugh or cry about.

Also this week was The Strokes show at the John Labatt Centre downtown. Opening for them was The Most Serene Republic that I was quite excited to hear we’re added to the bill. I got hooked on them when they were an iTunes Music Store  –   Free Song of the Week and also from one of the shows on CHRW, which the host loves them and plays them quite a bit. They were fantastic. But The Strokes… I was a little apprehensive about how they might be live as the do have that low-fi, kinda-we-don’t-give-a-shit sound, and I was worried they’d come on stage all coked out and would suck. But, they did anything but. They were loud, tight and played all the right songs. It was an incredible show. Not a lot of witty banter in between – just great, loud rock. I was reminded a lot of when my brother Greg & I saw The Ramones right here in London (at Kiplings no less), back in ’92.

And tonight we’re going to see Hawksley Workman at Aoelian Hall.

And this week I also procured my tickets for Wilco at Centennial Hall. And Dashboard Confessional at the John Labatt Centre. This is shaping up to be a great summer for me and musicians I like. The best part about it of course, is that I don’t have to leave the city for it.

Oh! Next week, we have a long-awaited and much needed visit with our good friend Mary-Ellen and we finally get to meet the most important man in her life, Baby Joshua!


she said

As you can see from John’s post we had a very busy week. It was a week of back and forth decisions on the renovations but we are finally at a place where we are really happy with the design and the materials, now we just need to finalize a contractor to do the construction. The drama continues…

Well today is Mother’s Day – in the last 12 years this has been one of my saddest days of the year, my mom’s death changed my definition of this day. It makes me so sad that I can not tell her face to face that I love her with all my heart and that I miss her. This year is especially difficult because this was supposed to be my first mother’s day. A few tears have been shed over this realization but we hope more than anything that this time next year I will be holding a child of our own and celebrating Mother’s Day and that this day will make me happy again.

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