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he said

Other than a 30 or so minute delay getting out of Toronto because of heavy rain and lightening, the flight out there was pretty easy and without incident. The best part of the flight was that WestJet now has LCD panels in the headrests of the seats that have satellite TV! So on the way way out here I was able to watch the Montreal, Boston game on TSN! That killed some hardcore time and not my craptop battery.

Thursday we went and did West Edmonton Mall. Which in itself is pretty crazy: Imagine a mall with a casino, a couple hotels, an ice rink, an aquarium with a seal show, a roller coaster, a wave pool… etc

Friday morning we got up early and headed off to Jasper and then down to Lake Louise after driving through a particularly intense, white-knuckled stretch of whiteout snow-covered mountain road for a good… er tense… er BAD… 45 minutes around the area of the Columbia Ice Fields. I guess it was weird to usleaving 18 degree sunny weather in Edmonton and finding snow like that and a lot of the attractions closed due to weather. We did make it to Chateau Lake Louise safely and spent the night there enjoying the scenery and fine, fine vacation living. Coincidentally if you do ever get the chance to have a Eucalyptus Steam Sauna, trust me on this one, and do it! It’s pretty alright.


Yesterday morning we enjoyed the Brunch Buffet that was ‘okay’ I guess… if you like things. Especially things like eggs benedict made with fresh salmon and having the view of the mountains and Lake Louise out the window you’re sitting in front of.We then took a walk on a trail that follows the lake shoreline. Then, we made our way in to Banff and did some shopping and sightseeing there. After that, we headed back to St. Albert to Cheryl’s house and enjoyed a unwinding over some pizza, champagne and chair breaking. And then hot tub.

Today calls for nothing in particular other than just relaxing. Which is perfect. So far we have seen SO much and just enjoyed every last second. And I feel so relaxed and at ease. I could go on, and on but I need to let Danielle have her chance. Eventually when I get back I will sort through the 200+ photos (aside from the ones I shared here) I have taken and post a web album.

Oh yah! Monday night I got us tickets for the Oilers playing the Avalanche. Watch for me in my Gretzky jersey! And look forward to pics of me next to the statue they have of him!

Now onto relaxamacation…

Did I mention the hot tub?


she said

Did John mention that we spent the weekend in the mountains!!! We have seen nature at its pure beauty – my favourite highlights along with the many John mentioned were the Athabasca Falls and the Bow Falls in Banff as you look up to the Banff Springs Hotel. We are having an incredible time with one my most favourite people in the entire world. Although Cheryl and I talk on the phone for at least 2 hours a week there is no substitute for being together face to face. I knew I missed hanging out like this but knowing that it will end far too soon makes me a wee bit sad. So we have decided that we ‘need’ to come back in late August so we can hang out again and take Nikki (her cutie-patootie puppy) on another mountain adventure.

Also – the Easter Bunny made an appearance!!! When John and I got out of the hot tub this morning we came in to our room to a bed of chocolate eggs and bunnies… I think Cheryl must have an inside track to the wabbit and told him we were staying here!!!

On a completely different note – before we left for Toronto on Wednesday we went to see the specialist to review all the test results. Long story, short: We are normal … there is not a medical reason we have lost the last two pregnancies. I have a border line clotting problem but not enough that the doctor is concerned. When we start trying again I am to take a baby aspirin once a day to help with any minor clots that might be causing a problem. So although we have no answers we are actually VERY relieved that we are at no greater of a risk of loosing the next pregnancy than the average couple. The only unknown right now is the chromosome testing which the doctor can not give us until closer to September… we have decided that we will start trying after my next cycle and hope beyond hope that we can carry the pregnancy to term and be holding a baby of our own next year!!!!

Well off to play with the puppy and hang out with one of my best friends and cutie hubby!!!! Talk to you next week….


The ‘Alberta She’ said

I don’t know which is more exciting… getting to hang out with my bestest friends from London or getting to write a she said on the web page!

So, my view on the visit so far. VERY fun! I love being able to hang out with John and Danielle again. And I love that I get to show them my city! They were so awesome when I moved to London with the showing me around and telling me about the area… I get to return the favour! How cool is that?

The couple days before they got here I so wasn’t sleeping. I’d wake up at 4:00am and be so excited cause another sleep was over and the day they were to arrive was closer. Needless to say, the night I was supposed to pick them up from the airport, I was drinking coffee to keep myself awake.

Thursday in West Ed was fun. As much as I can’t stand going there, it is a fun place to take people and watch their reactions when they see it for the first time. Not that it’s a really bad place to go, it’s just that it’s such a tourist attraction and so crowded all the time. I’d rather shop anywhere else.

Friday morning we all got up really early so I could take them to a Rotary meeting with me. I was excited to introduce them to all my Rotarian friends and I had been giggling inside waiting to see their reaction when all 30 or so people sing a welcome song and want to shake their hands hello. Yes, it’s as funny as it sounds. Then we came home for a bit to pick up Nikki and took off for the mountains. I wanted to show them all my favourite places in the mountains that I’ve been telling them about for years. But I’ve never been out there this early in the year, so I wasn’t sure what we would be able to do. Miette was closed, I somehow missed (never even saw) the Maligne Lake turn off (don’t tell John and Danielle that though, they think that it was just closed) but we walked around Jasper and did some shopping. Yes, shopping. I hate that. Really. Funny thing, turns out it was still winter in the mountains and all of us being Canadian packed so well for winter weather. Thank goodness there were all these stores with sweaters and hats and gloves in them. After a Starbucks and some wardrobe additions, we left Jasper. We stopped at my favourite place – Athabasca Falls – and then headed for Lake Louise. That was an adventure in itself. Holy white knuckle driving. We would have turned around, except we couldn’t find a place to turn around safely. So we just kept driving, following the tail lights in front of us that we could see every so often and hoping that the guy behind us could see my tail lights. Both John and I leaning forward to the windshield cause that extra few inches really helped. John calling out “Guard Rail ahead”, Danielle being really quiet, me wondering what I brought my friends into and Nikki….sleeping. We arrived safely in Lake Louise and hibernated in the Chateau. Purchased some more warm outdoor wear and walked around the Lake. Nikki became my little mountain dog…forging ahead and clearing the trail for us!

We had to drive home through Calgary, which I really felt bad about. I wanted to show how beautiful the place is where I live, but I drove as fast as I could to get us out of there. Today, we are relaxing and hot tubbing and cursing the snow that seems to be stalking us. Oh well. Really, who cares about the weather. I get to hang out with my John and my Danielle. That is truly the best ever.

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