Shorter but sweet

he said

Here we are back in Ontario. To slightly different temperatures and hopefully no more snow. Today finds us still trying to find the sweet spot in our time zone in terms of when to go to bed and more importantly when to wake up. But otherwise all is well at the Teeterpod 3 homestead. Hopefully in the next week we’ll have an answer from the bank if there is a way we can finance the major we’re reno to the kitchen and bathroom we want to do.  (Keep fingers crossed) What we have planned is pretty significant financially but OH man the difference it will make to our house. Plus imagine being finally rid of those parallelogram drawers in the kitchen!!! (those of you who have experienced them know what I’m talkin’bout)

Roller hockey starts this week. And it marks the first time in 8 years that I will go to the rink and just play my game and then go home – leaving all the stress of running the league with the new owner. There’s a tiny, über-small, fraction of me that is going to miss that being part of me. But, that is quickly washed away on weekends when the floor needs to be installed, or when the youth evaluation tournament happens or when the teams, divisions or schedules have to be made… Then, I don’t miss it at all. That and having my summers back, is going to be pretty nice. Plus playing might be fun again… you know being just a player and not a player/league owner.

I am going to sort through the photos from the trip to Edmonton this week and get a photo album up in time for next week’s post. Other than that, it’s time I let Danielle talk and then we go get a bagel and some growshrees.

P.S. The NHL playoffs started. Regardless of the Leafs not making it, still my favourite time of year. Every night there is hockey hockey hockey on the boob tube!

she said

We are back home safe and sound. It is good to be home, sleeping in my bed, being with my fur-babies, and enjoying the beautiful temperatures that we have had since we came home. The best part of being home is being back with family. We flew home on my father in law’s birthday so we went over to their home and got to see one of my favourite little people. The excitement in Vaughan’s voice when he sees us makes things a little bit of OK!!! On the flip side of being home is that we miss Cheryl already!!!! We are now hopefully on the countdown to when we go back… August will not come fast enough.

The next couple of months will hopefully bring on some major changes for us –  as John said we went to the bank about getting financing for the kitchen and bathroom remodel. We knew when we bought this place that they would both have to be done. Who would have thought it would be 6 years later when we would be able to start!!! We are excited about the end product – there will be a gathering of our closest friends and family to break bread in the new kitchen hopefully this fall…

Well off to get some food in my belly and to wait to hear if Kari is at the hospital having the baby or still pregnant so we can get some last minute shopping done this afternoon to prepare for the newest McFadden!!!! So exciting!!!!!

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