Hardly Any Sleeps!!!

he said

At work one of the service reps retired after 30+ years of service. He was very well liked and that was just as true in our office. So for fun, we made him a nice, life size version of himself. You know… in case he forgot what he looked like. You can almost see the nice boots I added to his legs. Then, the next day at work, I made Nathan eyes so he could sleep while working.

If you are keeping track, which I am. We are officially at 3 sleeps until we’re off the west to see Cheryl, Edmonton and the mountains. I am pretty excited about that. Especially considering I got us tickets to see the Avalanche play the Oilers in their last game of the regular season. I must remember to pack my Oilers / Gretzky jersey and get a picture in front of his statue at Rexall Place.  It’s going to be great seeing Cheryl again. I know for Danielle too. We really miss her and are glad to be having this chance to hang out again. And don’t you worry there will be plenty of pictures for you to yawn through when we get back.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on… Well we need to pack and get ready for our flight Wednesday. But things are well. Two day work week followed by a week in the ‘Berta!

Did I mention the hot tub?


she said

Three more sleeps!!!! We are so excited that we are getting a much needed time away. It has been a rough few months for us so this break is so needed. Three sleeps from our trip also means that we are three sleeps away from our specialist appointment. John and I – ok more me – have spoken ad nauseam over the possible outcome of this appointment. I have to start setting myself for the chance that they might not find anything. We are hoping to have some answers so we can start trying again soon.

Yesterday we started what we hope will mean the remodel of our bathroom and kitchen. We have a contractor that Greg & Sherri and John’s parents have used in the past so we feel very comfortable with him. So after an afternoon of “Mike Holmes” type comments we have the first stage of plans to move forward… and with that comes the huge price tag. So we have to think this through – we would love to have the kitchen done before kids but only time and the bank will tell.

So next post will be from the enjoyment of Cheryl’s place – by this time next week we will have spent our night at the Fairmont in Lake Louise… been to West Edmonton Mall… and spent countless hours in the hot tub with Cheryl’s favourite champagne!!!! Life is pretty good!!!

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