spring ahead, foo!

he said

We officially moved ahead an hour this weekend which means the sun will be with us longer in the evenings. It means that Spring is in fact on its way and there’s no wrong that can come of that.

I was able to parlay all that extra time I’ve been spending at work into some time off in lieu. And Friday at 1pm, I escaped the workplace to enjoy the weekend early from the vantage point of my front porch. In shorts & a hoodie even! It was a  touch on the cool side, but a sign of the coming season no less. And good remedy to all those extra hours. I spent the rest of the day doing not much of anything. It was nice.

Yesterday we went to my cousin Jason’s wedding in Chatham. Mom had told us that they wanted to forego a lot of the traditional wedding fodder in exchange for a much more unique experience. And you could definitely say it was that… different. But it didn’t seem too strange, with enough of the things you do expect. The food was excellent. Also, to add to the aura, the wedding was held in the same place that Danielle’s high school prom was… so Danielle spent the whole night making out in the men’s shitter. (no not really, it smelled like garlic bum pastries in there).

The other good news is I scooped up Strokes tickets this week for a show at the John Labatt Centre on May 10th. I am pretty excited about that. They’re a band I’ve liked since long before anyone really knew who they were… When Danielle’s sister Chantelle introduced us to them when were down in Windsor (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when) taking her to the hospital for a surgical procedure she was having, and that was a very tense day. So I will always remember that band because of Chantelle and that day. But they’re a great little band that I have grown to like each album they have released as much of the first one that I almost wore out listening to so much. I am also excited at the prospect of the opening acts. Early rumours are for a couple of bands I have gotten to lately, She Wants Revenge or Arctic Monkeys. Danielle is pulling for Hot Hot Heat. At any rate, it will be a fantastic show for The Strokes alone.

But the best news of all is that we are a mere 10 sleeps away from our trip to Edmonton to visit with Cheryl and her province and the mountains. There will plenty of pictures and more than likely a post from that time zone here.  But the biggest thing will be spending some quality time with Cheryl since we’ve not seen her in almost two years. Oh and she has a hot tub. Did I mention the hot tub?

Oh also, your fly is undone.

April fooooooOOOOOOOooools!


she said

Danielle is in her fidgety house cleaning mode and thus could not be reached for further comment. She will return next week for your regularly scheduled programming.

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