Sinus follies

he said

Man oh man what a fun weekend! (not)

Wednesday I was down in Toronto for an Adobe InDesign CS2 seminar to help with our transition from the ole dinosaur Quark XPress, to InDesign at work. I have been playing with InDesign since it’s first incarnation but hadn’t switched completely over to it till about a year and a half ago at home. And let me tell those of you who don’t know, it is by far and away a better product. But, it took till the upgrade at work just recently for us to switch there. At any rate I took the train down & back to Toronto on Wednesday so I could attend the seminar. But, on the train ride home I felt the onset of what would become the fun that my weekend would turn out to be…

It started with a sore throat Wednesday night, and progressed in a full-blown hardcore sinus explosion on Thursday through the day at work. By the afternoon, it was evident I was coming down with the infection that Danielle was just getting over. I went to the Dr. after work and got me some antibiotics. Came home and slept most of the evening.

The worst part was that we were supposed to go over and visit Leanne & Hannah which I had to skip out on as I didn’t want to give anyone in that house this nastiness. The good thing is, that Danielle went over and took our camera. So, at least I got to see some pictures.

And then, to make matters worse we were supposed to have Maryellen and her son Joshua come down for a visit this weekend. But, once we knew I was starting to come down with this we knew we needed to cancel and figure out another weekend. We didn’t want to take any chance with Josh catching this.

So, instead this weekend I got to spend the whole weekend in bed or on the couch battling this sinus infection. And even now, still not feeling so hot. But at least we got caught up on the first four seasons of Trailer Park Boys. Thanks to our friends, Maria & Steve’s DVDs we borrowed off them forever ago.

Other that is about it for my week…

File under “on the mend”


she said

well I have successfully passed the plague on to John – so we have managed to be shut-ins for three weeks – we braved Toronto last weekend but other than that we have managed to stay isolated from the real world for a while. We are taking it easy this weekend – vegging and watching brain mush video (AKA Trailer Park Boys).

Well this week is a big week for us, we go to the fertility specialist to see if we can get some answers. People have been great with some advice and information on websites I am on… so I feel we have a better idea of what to expect. So hopefully we get some answers soon so we can start trying some time after we get back from Alberta and seeing Cheryl.

This week we got the nursery bedding we had found on eBay – so we are excited and anxious to start trying again soon so this beautiful bedding can be used by our little one.

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