sinus follies – version 2.0

he said

So, here’s my week in summary:

    10 Took my antibiotics.

    20 Drained my sinuses.

    30 Sinuses filled

    40 Goto 10.

    run [enter]

That’s pretty much it. Not feeling like when I finish up the last of the amoxicillan tomorrow that this infection/plague will be extricated from the host. But here’s to hoping…

I’ll let Danielle tell you about our appointment with the fertility specialist this week.


she said

Well, we had the first appointment with the specialist. Since we had done a lot of research before we went I had an idea of what to expect and what they might be looking for. So we sat down and the doctor went over the statistics, the doctor reviewed all the tests that they would be running and what the tests will tell them and what treatment (if possible) will be offered. So the big test is the chromosome testing to see if this is our problem. The doctor said based on the way we are loosing the babies there is a 15% chance that there is a chromosome disorder, these results will not be back for 4-6 months. This is of course is the worse case scenario because this is something they can not change.

So let’s stay positive and hope that it is one of other things that are treatable like clotting disorders, hormonal imbalances or uterine problems. The next big test they are doing is a sonohystogram which will tell the doctor if there is a defect in the uterus that is causing the losses… so after 10 vials of blood taken on Thursday we are hoping and praying that we have some answers. I can say I never thought that I would know as much as I do about fertility problems as I have had to learn because of this… But in the end if we can have a baby all of this pain, all the tests and the stress will be worth it.

So that was our week…

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