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Last weekend wasn’t so busy and then, this weekend was…

It started Friday right after work: Made a beeline straight from work to see Gobbie about getting my ears lowered. After I got my hair chopped, I hurried home grabbed a shower and then headed downtown to meet up with some people from work to blow off some steam and imbibe in liquid refreshment. After a good laugh I headed over to pick up Sherri so we could go see Greg play at The Dawghouse.. It’s a regular, monthly haunt for them, but I think the bitter cold took a real bite out of the energy of the regulars there cause the crowd seemed pretty docile for the normal rock, ruckus they raise there.

And then, yesterday morning we got up early, packed, dropped Clifford off at Greg & Sherri’s to have an overnight visit with Vaughan, and headed on our way down to Toronto. The weather wasn’t so cooperative when we got on the road, but in usual fashion as soon as we hit Ingersoll… blue skies and sun. We met up with the Birthday Brigade (Linda, Peter & Chantelle) and checked into our overnight home, The Drake Hotel — What a cool place! [ There’s photos if you click the picture over there > ]. But suffice it to say, Chantelle works in one cool, cool place. The short version of how the Drake came to be was a former dot-commer got out of that world just before the dot-bomb, and bought the dilapidated Drake and refurbished it back to it’s original glory, making it a home for art, music & culture in an area of Toronto that is rich with that type of life. We saw it featured on a show called Opening Soon on Fine Living, and shortly thereafter Chantelle told us she had a job there. Naturally we were pretty excited for her. [ And for us too 😉 ]. But if you ever are in Toronto, drop in to see the place at the very least, if not stay for a night and experience a very cozy and eclectic place with a very creative vibe.

We went for dinner at a place called The Brownstone Bistro and had a absolutely fantastic meal and good time. We then braved the cold for a few drinks at The Artful Dodger (a former employer of Chantelle) met and hung out with Chantelle’s roommate and some of their friends, and then headed back to The Drake to see what a scenester mecca that place is on Saturday nights. I was amazed to see in spite of the minus 80 kajillion temperatures, how many people were determined to stand outside in their urban trendster outfits just to make it in to the jam-packed lounge where you could not move unless you convinced all 60 bodies within your five foot radius to allow you passage. Chantelle says the basement is always less busy cause that’s where the nerds hang, but I think I’d hang there too after seeing how crammed upstairs gets. Plus nerds are cooler anyway. I know, I play one on TV!

I’d like to say that I’ve gotten older and just don’t see the appeal to all that any more, but to be frank, I don’t think I ever have. I’d much rather just have a nice, quiet evening at our place with the people I know and love.

The good news, all weekend we got just that.

Today finds us back home and relaxing and not so ready to start the work-week all over again. Oh well, t’was a great weekend.


she said

I am napping.

Cause its my favourite.

The end.

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