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Yah… so a rather ho-hum week, I think. Got the new computer up and running at work. And aside from being so busy I haven’t the chance to get everything installed, I haven’t really had the chance just yet to put through its paces. It would also help if Adobe CS2 would arrive so that I could migrate at least the design workflow over there. But what I have done on the new computer, it has been screaming fast. Neatest feature so far is that there are TWO ethernet ports onboard meaning you can network on one, and share that connection with the other. Pretty nice surprise. Two bad the older system is OS 9 so that is relatively useless.

This weekend upcoming we’re headed off to Toronto to celebrate Chantelle, Linda and Peter’s birthdays. We’re spending the night down there, staying over at the The Drake Hotel, where Chantelle works, staying a room as cool as this. So there will be some pictures for next week’s entry I am sure. Should be a grand ole time.

We’ve been watching the Torino 2006 Olympics all weekend and we’ve been really enjoying them. The opening ceremonies Friday night were fantastic. We saw them with full tummies from a fantabulous dinner that Danielle picked out and we made from one of our favourite recipe treasure chests, Food & Drink, a magazine put out by the LCBO. The recipe was “Tagliatelle with Bolognese Sauce” which was a wee bit of okay (The recipe for those wondering is in the latest edition – Winter 2006). We also tried this new liqueur made by Grand Marnier called Navan – which is described as a blend of Madagascar Vanilla fused with cognac… and it’s a whole lot of yum.

So yah, not really a whole lot going on this week, but there it is. As it was. Or were.


she said

Well my work week was less eventful since I was home sick Monday and Tuesday…. partly on the mend then Friday night after dinner bam… the worst cold I have had in years – So all in all we had an uneventful weekend of vegging, me napping hours on end in bed, watching the Olympics with John, playing (at her constant persistence) with Cliff’s mutilated Santa toy and snuggling with the cat. So as I hack my way through this post I am glad that is not next weekend that I am sick this weekend because we are going to play in Toronto with my family – YEAH…. so Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!! See you Saturday!

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