Stitches be gone!

I finally got my stitches out! I was back at school and gymnastics with my friends this week too!

He said

Monday morning, Emelia and I were off bright and early to our family doctor to get her stitches taken care of. Monday was exactly ten days from the day she got her stitches. Given the area they were and kind of cut it was the Doc wanted them to stay in longer before we had them removed. Emelia was a little nervous about getting them taken out, but good thing for her both her Mummy and Daddy had plenty of experience getting and having stitches removed so we were able to let her know it was totally going to be okay. And, our family Doc did a great job of diverting her attention with some questions and before Emelia knew two stitches were already back out. The next one she was aware of coming out, but the last one – the one deep between her toes – did prove to be a little tender coming out. But, she handled it like a champ and in maybe five minutes total we were out of the office and heading back home.

With the stitches out and after a quick hello to Mummy we were headed to the school and the office to get Emelia checked into school late, because of the appointment. The best part about them being out was it meant Emelia could go to gymnastics practice that night so she was very happy. As soon as we got her checked back in to school, she was off to class and to reconnect with her friends — some of them she hadn’t seen since before Christmas Break. She was also excited about getting back into the groove of school and her friends – despite being a little sad and apprehensive the night before having to miss Mummy after spending so much good time together during the Christmas Break. There’s no doubting she and Danielle have a close connection, but we also knew in five seconds of school and seeing her friends, and we would be an after thought and she would be fine. And she was.

Wednesday was another one of my days off this week and I finally managed to get in about as much of a sleep-in as my body would allow. After finally wrapping up our busiest and most exciting times of year at the store, and then ending last weekend with six day stretch at work, I was really relishing a day of doing not much of anything. The only thing on my ‘want to do‘ list was getting back to the gym and I am happy to say I was able to do that. It had been some time since I had been to the gym so it was felt very good to be there and sweat some Christmas calories off. The next day because I had a close shift I was able to get to the gym again too. And then with Friday morning hockey it felt like I had gotten back on the wagon of being healthy and fit again.

Today I had to sneak down to Cambridge for a post holiday season brunch for the managers in our market which was great. We went to the same place as last year, The Cambridge Mill, and the food was great and the company was even better. It’s great to get this chance to connect with each other around a table over some great eats, all at a much slower pace than we’re used to in stores. And the great news was just ahead of 1:00pm I was back in London and able to spend the rest of the day with Danielle and Emelia which was great. I met up with them at the mall and we did a little bit of shopping. We finally got Danielle in a pair of Blundstones and Emelia got to spend one of her Christmas gift cards for H&M. All in all it was one great week!

We just finished up a wonderful rib dinner that Danielle made and she Emelia headed over to do some skating in the twins backyard rink. Now, that I have finished my yakking here, I am going to head over there to watch Emelia skate alongside Danielle.


She said

This week we were finally in the post holiday routine with Emelia back to school and John’s work hours being back to normal without the extra late closes.

With the holidays out of the way and the long to do lists that go with them I could finally focus on a much needed deep cleaning and purge in the house. I had been determined that this year I would keep excessive things limited and only get things that really mean something to us back in the house. No more stuff for the sake of stuff. What this meant was finally dealing with things that had been collecting in boxes, closets and drawers. After spending nights at the gradual purge was bags and bags going to donation, some things that were useful for family being re-homed and a bag to the curb I feel so much freer without all the excessive mess in the house. There are still some areas that need to be tackled like the dreaded pit that is under the basement stairs but for the most part I got rid of a ton of excess.

The big motivator for Emelia to do her part of the purge was her desperate desire to redo her room to reflect that fact that she is now officially a tween. She has been wanting her room to be repainted for over a year, the colour of light purple was deemed babyish by our growing girl, add in her obsessive love of design shows has really boosted her love of resigning her room. She has been planning this for quite a while, she wanted a more mature colour scheme that reflect her taste. Off to pintrest we went and planned things out and she settled on a grey and turquoise theme. Last weekend we were able to find some simple turquoise bedding on sale at Home Sense and we were off to the races. This week we finalized the colour she wanted and took on the task of redoing her room.

Saturday with John off to work Emelia and I got our selves organized and off to Home Depot to get all the painting supplies. She chose a soft light grey called sterling, with her white furniture, turquoise bedding and the accents she has been slowly collecting it is quite a grown up space. The painting too the majority of the day but with a lot of work we were able to get all the painting done, furniture placed and room cleaned up before John got home from work. To say she was proud of how it came out would be an understatement. She gave a VERY detailed tour to her daddy showing every detail she came up with for her room. We still have some finishing touches to add to make the room complete but with the art work that she and John worked on last night the room is really coming together.

With the room done we can now shift gears to her birthday which is less than 2 weeks away! Bring on the birthday planning, yes planning our baby’s 10th birthday – where has the time gone?

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