Sleepovers, art camp and laughter!

I got to go to Art Camp twice this week and have my friend Addison over for a playdate sleepover!

He said

Well… here we are almost a week later and Emelia is crutch free, and as of her appointment tomorrow at our Family Doc, she will also be stitch free too! By Tuesday of last week we finally had her off of the crutches full time and bearing weight on her foot. She was easily convinced off the crutches as she was invited to an afternoon art camp with one of her friends from her gymnastics team that also used to go to Emelia’s school. Monday afternoon I dropped her off at camp and that was the last she was really using the crutches this week. By the time we picked her up at her friends house that evening after the playdate they had, she was fairly insistent she didn’t need the crutches which made us happy.

The rest of the week I had to work, and Danielle had the daycare kids back so it left Danielle doing a bit of scrambling to find things to keep her entertained while maintaining Danielle’s sanity. Thankfully there was a second day of the art camp she could attend Wednesday and then Thursday, one of Danielle’s former daycare kids who had become friends with Emelia, spent the day and night with us for a sleepover that both girls were over the moon about. Before Danielle knew it, there was pretty much a week filled of activities for our stir-crazy formerly crutch-ridden kid. That certainly made life a lot more bearable which took the focus away from how much longer till school fills her days again?

Not to be outdone by Emelia’s recent run of medical mishaps, Friday morning at my usual weekly skate with the same group of guys I’ve been playing with for more than fifteen years, I decided to tip the hockey puck not into the top corner of the night like I had hoped, but right into my mouth! At the moment when I felt the puck make contact with my stick blade – and this is usually a good thing – just as I looking to see what beautiful area of the net it was going in, I saw the puck very close to my face. Next thing I knew I felt a whack, my mouth hurt and blood was dripping onto the ice. After a quick check with my tongue and finger it was clear I was cut on both sides — seems my tooth (thankfully still in place) decided to go through my lip.

Off to the dressing room to assess the damage. Definitely was cut, and definitely on the inside and the out. But, as a veteran of getting stitches, I was pretty certain I wouldn’t need any on the inside of my mouth. And the outside could use maybe one but not likely two stitches to close it up. But, with the severe cold weather, and therefore the same cold in the rink, the bleeding stopped, and I decided rather than waste time in the Hospital Emerg to find out for sure, I’d rather finish hockey. Given that it didn’t bleed (it only throbbed) and my teeth were all still there, I was happy with my decision. Finished the hour of hockey happy with not losing my Friday morning ritual.

That said, on my way home from hockey, as the truck finally warmed up, then my lip started dripping again. It continued doing that until I got a steri-strip to close it down. But, even after I got to work it took a trip down to the Pharmacy in our mall and some super heavy duty adhesive band-aids to finally get the bleeding to stop. I just got to spend the day looking kind of ridiculous with customers with this  hand cut band-aid on my chin. In hindsight it probably could have used a stitch to keep it shut, but it’s on its way to healing and I only missed a shift of my game.

The rest of the week and weekend was all spent at work as I was on a bit of a stretch that ended today what with all my weekends off and upcoming weekends off too. All the holiday rush and viruses being passed around and by yesterday I was starting to feel the sore throat coming on. Thankfully while feeling kind crappy and tired for the past couple of days, I do feel like I am on the mend. And I didn’t get it no where near as bad as some of my coworkers did. But, I will tell you I wasn’t sad to be done my six day stretch tonight and to be off work tomorrow. Hopefully I can catch up on sleep, get to the gym and most importantly get those stitches of Emelia’s out!


She said

Well I survived the Christmas break! Whoot-hoot! All kidding aside it was amazing to have Emelia home for the week. There were times she was going a bit stir crazy and times when sharing her time off with toddlers and preschoolers was wearing thin on her. But for the most part she had a good week off, she had lots of fun things planned and she was an incredible help with the kids when she was between activities.

This week for Emelia as fun filled as I could make it for her being limited to where we could get her with both John’s and my work schedules. We have amazing friends and with their help and fun activities planned we had Emelia’s week filled with fun things every afternoon in the week. Earlier in December I was speaking with friends of ours at gymnastics as to what their plans were over the holidays, at that time Lisa asked if Emelia would be interested in going to a half day camps with her girls. I told her I would look at our schedule and let her know. As the week came closer we budgeted and planned for the girls to go to art camp together. The girls had a great time both days. Emelia was even invited over Wednesday to their place for supper and a movie time.

Between play dates at friends in the neighbourhood in the week our week was filled quickly. And before we knew it Thursday as here and Emelia’s much anticipated playdate and sleepover with Addison was here. Addison is the oldest in her family and was my daycare girly years ago, the family through three chidlren were in my care for 7 years and will be lifelong friends. Emelia and Addison grew up together in daycare and have stayed the best of friends since. Emelia has had a couple sleepovers at their place but this was our first chance to have Addison here overnight. With the laws around daycare it is hard for me to allow Emelia to have friends over while I am working. With lower numbers over the Christmas break I was able to have a sleepover with one of her friends.

The girls had an incredible time, Addison arrived Thursday morning and the girls spent the day playing, crafting, giggling, more playing and generally having a great time. Once the daycare kids left for the day and John got home from work we rushed off to Boston Pizza to treated the girls to a night out. The whole dinner was filled with giggling girls and lots of fun. Before the we knew it the night was done and we got the girls home and attempted sleep for both of them. They chatted in Emelia’s room until almost 11:00 and finally crashed.

Finally the week was over and we could move to the weekend. Sadly John had to work the entire weekend so it was just Miss E and I keeping ourselves busy. And it didn’t take long before Emelia had the number one thing on her list planned out. With a little girl who would rather watch home decorating shows vs cartoons Emelia is always on the hunt for new ideas for her bedroom. She is really starting to move away from a little girl into a full fledge tween and she wants her room to reflect that.

With the strong influence of Kortney Wilson of Masters of Flip she is moving her design choices to simple, light and layered with patterns. We spent the last few days looking online for ideas for design and spent Saturday going to various home places to see what she could find within a strict budget. She loves grey and light turquise as her fave colours for her room and we have built off that. She wants to paint her room which we have put off over the last couple redesigns of her room, so we chatted and decided we would repaint soon to a light grey basically the same colour of the walls in our living room. We lucked out and found the perfect bedding set at Home Sense in the colour she adores and the best part it was a fraction of the costs of the ones we were finding online! She was over the moon. So with all that we have started to slowly pick away at re-doing her room to reflect more where she at in her life. She still has her beloved doll house in the room but the rest of the room has been really simplified and so far she really loves where we are going with it all. The pics will come once we are done the room but she is happy so far!

That is basically the week that was – she is heading back to school tomorrow and I am going to really miss my little sidekick. Having her home the last two weeks has been amazing and I know that her childhood is going by like a flash – I want to squeeze every second of it when I can.

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