It’s the perfect fit for us!

I got to have Olivia for two sleepover this week: at the house, and at the trailer!

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There were a lot of moving parts last week. Dad was in the hospital as they were trying to get his fluid levels sorted out and the reports got better all week long. In the end, it just seemed like he got sent home sooner than he should. That meant the family made more trips over to the house to make sure Mom was okay and there wasn’t anything she needed. Thankfully Matthew & Shawn and Greg & Testza were available this week too as we had appointments and more exciting developments that Danielle will share I am sure. But suffice it to say we were more than delighted to hear the continuing positive reports from Dad and his team of Doctors.

Emelia this week had her second Cheer practice and different than Gymnastics and Dance last year, she is back to a place of being excited about practice as she heads off to it and comes home beaming about it. In fact this week when Danielle showed up to pick up Emelia from practice, she ran into one of Emelia’s Gymnastics coaches who has moved over to Cheer Strike as well, and she was so proud of Emelia (and her group) who were the only ones called out to show off a section of their routine for how they had their timing down. So-much-so that they had them showcase it to the rest of the team. In true Emelia form, when we asked her about it she made it like it was nothing. We’re so happy to see her have passion for something again like she once did for Gymnastics and Dance.

My daily exercise has become such a huge part of my life that I have managed to ride my way out of the free bike that Danielle got on a Buy Nothing group on Facebook and I finally broke down and got a good bike. I am riding 16 km a day at home in London on the Thames Valley Parkway and I am riding 20 km a day when we’re up at the trailer on a section of the Guelph to Goderich trail that runs right by the campground. I have managed to get myself 28 lbs lighter and am approaching sub 200 lbs for the first time in my adult life. All that led to be Danielle being okay with me spending a little bit of money to get a much better bike. A couple of weeks ago I finally picked up that bike and I have loved everything about it since. It is a hybrid bike made for riding road or light offroad. It fits everything I want to do and allows me to have much better rides that the old bike that we’re going to fix up and see if we can Danielle infected with the same riding bug.

This weekend we fled the city after I was done work on Saturday and headed straight to the trailer with Emelia’s bestie Olivia in tow. I only had Sunday off work, and had a close today so we were able to sneak in two nights and one day before getting up early this morning and heading back to London so I could get to work. Even though a large part of the weather involved rain, I was still able to get in a ride yesterday, and we had evenings around the fire pit which was perfect. The girls had fun and Danielle enjoyed our time to unwind. And all the while we were getting good news updates from Dad & Mom the culminated yesterday in him being able to return home.

All-in-all it was a good way to end a week that had a lot of moving parts, and even though it was a long weekend for most, we were still able to get in a good mix of the things that matter most to us. And the even better news is we’ll have another couple days there this week, and then in a couple weeks we’re up there for another full week with friends. This summer has quickly become more than making the best of it with this seasonal site—it’s actually becoming something we’re having a hard time saying won’t be the way forward for years and summers to come. It’s the perfect fit for us!

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Last week we spent much of the week waiting to hear updates about Doug hoping that things were in a better place to get him home. After over 2 weeks in the hospital he has cleared to return home. He is MUCH thinner but happy to be home. We have spent much of the last few weeks trying to get things in order for a safe return as well as longer term plans for Helen & Doug with a much healthier long-term solution. For better or worse Doug is home, we are still trying to get things in place to have more support in the house for them and hoping that there is a call sooner than later to get them into their choice of retirement communities in the larger suite they want.

This week we will all be going over to assure that we have things in place, this is a full family supportive event but we will get things in place to assure everyone is healthy and happy.

The other big changes this week have been around the return to school in the fall. This week there was an announcement from the Ontario government that grade school children will be returning full time come September. Many people were really shocked that kids were set to return to school full time with potentially full classes. It is going to be a stressful return to the school this year. Things will not look the same, Emelia’s age things will look very different—the children will be in their classrooms the entire day, they will not change classrooms, they will be masked the entire day, desks will be spaced as much as possible. Honestly its going to be a mess but this is the reality we live in. Most people figure school won’t stay open long and schools are doing their best but its a bit of a shitshow.

The other bigger news is hopefully on the employment front for me. I have been applying like crazy for jobs. It is not easy in a pandemic to find work but I am doing everything I can to network, build connections and applying for as many jobs as I can. Over the last week I had a few phone interviews for the one job I am most excited for. It’s a job that is absolutely perfect for me, aligns perfectly with all my diverse background. The phone interviews both went well and I was called this week for an in-person interview tomorrow. I want this job so badly, I have prepped everything I can – now I have to put my best foot forward and hope I can impress them. If this works out I will start at the end of August.

Life in the fall will be very different for us, the first time in Emelia’s life I will be working outside of the house, for the first time in 12.5 years the house is cleared of daycare toys, learning materials, sippy cups, high chairs, cribs, pack and plays. It is downright scary but exciting at the same time. Tomorrow the last of my daycare materials will be re-homed – the basement where I spent so many hours with the little ones is now empty. It feels so strange.

Hopefully this time next week I will have some good news and I can start the next stage of my professional life.

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