But, the great news is.

I really love Cheer! I am so happy I switched to it this year.

He said

While most of the week was focused around Danielle finding a job, we were able to get back up to the trailer for a couple of days, around my work, her selling off all the daycare stuff, and Dad coming home from the hospital. So it was a pretty great week despite always seeming like there was something to do. We were able to get over to Mom & Dad’s to see how they were doing. I have been helping them install some HomeKit items in their house to help with their limited mobility. Last week I helped them install the Wieser Premis doorlock that would allow them to lock and unlock their front door on their iPhones and iPad.

This week it was onto getting them a Hue lightkit installed so that Mom & Dad could easily turn off & on lights that were otherwise hard to get at. Both of things will help greatly – the door lock especially when they have nurses visiting, and in the (we hope never again) chance they need to call an ambulance when they have a fall or are needing more urgent help. The last time Mom had a fall, she had to crawl to the front door to let them in.

All of this is to say the other part of the journey where they are actively trying to find an assisted living location so they have the kind of support they need over and above what we’re able to help out with. In the interim, they are working with a service that will give them care and support in the house until we can find them a place that works. When I was over there last night, Dad was looking a lot better than the last time I physically saw him – which was the night we had such a challenge getting him home from the hospital the first time. I mean he was tired but he was a lot more alert and that was so relieving to see.

This week I had a work from home day on Thursday followed by a day off on Friday, so with the Wifi here we took the opportunity to come up to the trailer Wednesday after I wrapped up work. I had a super productive work from home day and then we proceeded to relax and enjoy the company of our camp family, The Sherwoods. A regular part of my routine here is continuing my bike riding and the good news is Justin is as keen on riding as I am. We got in the 20km Cowbell Run early in the day and earned a lot of sitting around thereafter. The sitting around was in the tubes heading down The Riv with another friend of ours (actually our family physiotherapist) Andrea and her boyfriend. They got to experience Life on The Riv, and by all counts she approved.

I headed home Friday night as I had the weekend at work while Danielle & Emelia stayed at the trailer. When I wrapped up work at 5pm today I was promptly home to grab some things and then right back up to the trailer. With tomorrow off work, and my co-worker Anna and her family up here at Auburn, I decided to come back up and spend the night with a whole whack of friends, and the accompanying whole whack of laughs. Tomorrow after dinner we’ll head back home so I can get into my work week. We won’t be back up here until next Saturday. But, the great news is… that will be for an entire week as this is our second big week off! Can’t wait!

She said

This was a great and busy week. As John mentioned already this week was about change. Big change for us. I spent much of the week clearing out the last of the daycare toys and learning materials. It is sad but so refreshing to be moving our life to the next phase. It was not an easy decision but the more we move away from a life of daycare in our home the more at peace we are.

Also as John mentioned this week was more and more focused on the next phase of my professional life. It has been a part time job to look for work especially in a pandemic. Last week I had a very promising interview. I was very nervous because this job would be perfect for me, it matches my background absolutely perfectly and it still keeps me involved with education and children. The interview went very well, I felt great about every answer I gave and it felt like I was chatting with old friends. The years of interviewing families for daycare has certainly made it easier to chat with people casually and openly with confidence. As the interview wrapped they told me the next steps would be a call back next week. Well Friday morning I received an email saying that they would love for me to come back in for what is hopefully the last interview with two of directors, one would be my direct report. I hope this interview goes well and if it does I will be starting at the last week of the summer.

With that great news I was able to ease into the weekend at the trailer. Although it sucked that John had to head home to go to work all weekend I did have a great weekend with Emelia and the Sherwoods. Yesterday the weather was amazing so I brought the two girls to the beach. They have been dying to go to the beach since the beaches started to reopen. We had been very leery about heading to head to public beaches after seeing photos of large crowds. Our friend Leanne (who had a seasonal site here last year) told us about a quiet little beach away from town. It was perfect.

Emelia, Olivia and I headed and spent over 2 hours with the beach practically to ourselves. The girls swam, made sandcastles and skipped rocks. It was a perfect afternoon. Today has been a pretty low key day, friends for the Sherwoods have come to camp for the next few days and John’s friend Anna from work is also here with her family renting one of the cottages. It should be an amazing couple days.

In the early week John and I will head back in town so I can go to my interview, get some things done around the house, take John’s parents to some medical appointments all before we head up again here for our August week vacation. All in all it was a very busy but hopeful week for some amazing things to come.

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