There’s still camping in our plans?

One of my new favourite things to do on a Saturday is to take Mummy shopping at Plato’s Closet.

He said

Finally this week, after upgrading my iPhone to the 11 Pro a few weeks ago, I was able to sell my iPhone X privately which gave me the money to upgrade my Apple Watch from Series 3 to the Series 5 that just came out. Aside from the loads of new features it has, the one I am most excited about is being able to take an ECG reading. It will also alert me if it detects irregular heart beat and has fall detection such that if I fall and don’t respond to the Watch in a reasonable amount of time, will automatically trigger a call to 911 and the person I have dedicated as my I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) person, Danielle.

This week, after coming off an amazing weekend of camping, life was much more low key. Well as low key as it gets having a daughter busy with gymnastics 3 days a week and then dance 1 other night out of the week too. The other nights of the week Emelia is always in heavy negotiations with Danielle, her besties, the twins and their mother to arrange play times after school. The big event this week was the build up to Friday’s lunch at school. With Emelia now in Grade 7, she is allowed to go off property at lunch with parent permission. There was a group of them all going over 2 streets over to have lunch at the Tim Horton’s in the hospital near our house. While ‘the gang’ were all excited a last minute lunch time volleyball practice through a wrench into their plans and they’ve regrouped for a date this week.

Aside from that, mostly this week was uneventful. We have all but inked the plans for that one last trip out in Wolfie III in the second week of November which will not only punctuate our longest camping season to date, but it will also be the first time we have ever camped as late as November. I’ll be honest, I fully recognize, we’re likely to spend more time inside the trailer than outside it, but that’s the point. We’ll pack warmer clothes for sure and likely won’t get too much campfire time, but part of the allure of upgrading was having the space and luxury that if we had to spend more time in than out, we were in a trailer that gave us all that. And more.

This week – Tuesday to be precise – we have Danielle’s birthday, so Emelia and I have been working on ways to make her feel special. Thankfully as of tonight, I think we have everything all locked up which is good. It’s always a bit of a challenge with Emelia as she wants to come up with the idea, but needs us to help. She gets stuck the moment I suggest anything as she feels then it was my idea and not hers. Sometimes it ends with tears, others with her shouting. This year has been a little easier as I have found a ways to suggest ideas but let her feel in the driver seat when it comes to the decision. I am bummed because one idea she had, was a good one, but would take about 4 weeks to come in, so we will leave that one for Christmas.

Thankfully I was off today and tomorrow, so I can help her with any of the last minuite pieces that need to happen. For now though, I am going to retire for the week and think happily about there still being camping in our plans in the next few weeks!

She said

This week was a pretty quiet lower key week. After the long weekend we settled in to more fall like temperatures along with some rain. This shifted gears for me with the little ones but they loved having more time inside to work on lots of crafts and indoor learning games. The changing weather has also shifted my mindset to prepare for a long winter with lots of time inside. I need to start planning for the long winter to assure that we are all staying healthy and sane being trapped inside. I pride myself getting the little ones out as much as possible but there is still limits to what I can do once the weather turns on us. I spent any downtime this week planning for the upcoming changing season.

The change of season also means that I shift planning around here. As the weather started turning cooler I started going through clothes to shift season clothes. For both Emelia and myself. As I packed up the summer clothes for me and started pulling out my fall clothes I realized how much I purged last year at the end of the season. I went through all my clothes and anything really worn out I got rid of, well apparently that was almost all my work pants. What this meant was I needed to get out and go shopping. I loathe shopping and have a really hard time spending money on myself. But my new obsession is Plato’s Closet, a second hand store in town that Emelia and I have had incredible luck with.

On Saturday morning Emelia and Anna were chomping to get some shopping in and Emelia wanted to show Anna the store. With some money in hand the girls shopped while I searched for some fall clothes. I had amazing success and got some great bargains that will set me for the fall for pants. I even found some ‘inspiration’ jeans, a pair of jeans I loved that are a bit tight so it will motivate me to get back to the gym and get back in shape.

I haven’t been as diligent about my food or fitness in the last few months and my body is feeling it. These jeans will hopefully be the motivation to kick myself back to the gym. I really miss it and it does me so much good, physically and mentally. That was our week. Pretty low key for us.

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