Getting back into shape

I am started to enjoy my floor routine for this season! At first I wasn’t sure about it, but I have been able to make some adjustments and I like it.

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One of the challenges with spending every moment we can in the summer camping is that we really fall off the wagon when it comes to a regular exercise routine. I stop playing weekly hockey in the Spring, and the moment we start to camp, the regularity of me getting to the gym comes to an abrupt halt. In the summer when we are camping, there is a reasonable amount of physical activity to make up for it. But, when the camping season dwindles then my activity level does too. With the September/October return to hockey every year, it becomes glaringly obvious that I am out of shape and need to get back at it!

With Danielle feeling much the same, we’ve both talking a lot more about getting our asses back in gear with a certain level of activity. For Danielle that is as simple as getting back to the gym with some regularity. Especially now that Emelia’s dance and gymnastics schedule give Danielle some consistent spots in the week where she can slip in some workouts. But for me it is a little more complicated by my schedule that can be all over, and day of the week. What I am finding is that I want a machine in the house so that I can squeeze in a workout easily every single day without adding a commute or having to be at the gym when every other person in the world wants to.

So, for me that machine looks like a rower. It used to be a consistent part of my routine at the gym, and I know if there was one in the house I’d be a lot more likely to get in at the very least a 30 minute session every single day. But, I also know that there is also a lot more chance if it were in the house, that I might even fit in a second 30 minute session to end my day too. So, sometime in the very near future (hopefully this week) we will go pick up the machine I have had my eye on. And then I can start the rode back to whipping my butt back into shape.

This week was a lot more of the same of last week. Pretty much the usual running around to get Emelia to and from practices and then the moments where we get to take a breather in between. It looks like the final camping trip of the season we talked about last week has found friends who want to do the same! Our friends Chris, Suzanne and their son Ethan who we have yet to match up on camping trips are into going to The Pinery the same weekend so it should be that much more fun! We’re really looking forward to this trip!

Tonight marks the end of a 7-day stretch working so, my next 2 days are back-to-back days off together and that is a wonderful thing. I am going to go play some pickup hockey tomorrow with friends and get some other stuff done that needs doing. We have Halloween this week to look forward to, and then Saturday next weekend, Danielle and I are off to Toronto for the night to go to Dream Serenade at Massey Hall. Should be an amazing night of music to end the week!

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John touched on what was our focus this week. With my birthday this week I was thinking more and more about our health and fitness. For the most part we eat pretty healthy, the occasional snack here and there but our obsessive focus on the gym has gone far, far, far to the back burner. I have been really missing it. Never in my adult life had I felt better than I did when I was getting to the gym 4-5 days a week. It did worlds for my energy and my health (physically and mentally). I have been missing the gym like crazy lately. More than ever I am determined to make time for me to take care of me. I still love going to the actual gym but with the addition of a home machine I hope this gives us an at home option the days that the actual gym isn’t a possibility.

We are focusing a lot on our health. Speaking of health we are still in the endless loop with the doctors trying to figure out what is wrong with Emelia’s stomach. She is still battling almost constant stomach aches, the attacks are almost daily again. The last attempted solution was removing gluten from her diet knowing my health problems around gluten. For the last month I have take steps to remove it a lot from her diet with no changes. So this week we are back at the doctors to discuss the next steps, this time we are likely moving to the stage of more tests since food is the trigger but there doesn’t seem to be a food category that is the culprit.

This coming week will be another busy one, lots of appointments for Emelia, halloween and her normal weekly activities. But we will make time for us, her parents who have to assure we are as healthy as she is. That was the week, the coming week will be a busy one but hopefully a fun one.

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