Happy Mother’s Day Mummy!

We’re giving Mummy the week off, she’s earned it.

We said

It all started about two weeks ago when Emelia pulled me aside and said she had an idea of something she wanted to make for Danielle for Mother’s Day. It’s funny in such a good way that we’ve reached this stage. I mean I was blown away when Danielle sent me pics of Emelia in her outfits for the end of year dance recital of how grown up she looked. But, this her coming to me with an idea and a plan and all I had to do was help was completely grown up too!

The idea she showed me I knew right away that Danielle would adore and was completely conceivable to get done. The next stages is where Emelia became her Mum through and through. When I got home from work the next day I had an iCloud invitation to a shared Note that we could use to send our ideas back and forth just to each other. She had the picture of the idea she had gleaned from Pinterest as well as a bullet point list of the supplies we would need.

We worked together on my iPad drawing out the dimensions of the what we were making so we knew just how much supplies we need, and how we would make it for Danielle. Once we had all of ideas worked out and the list of supplies figured out, all that was left was the picking up the stuff and the making of our project. And, again, this is where Emelia began to shine in her mother’s planning ways. Every day she wanted updates of when we would shop for the supplies and when and how we were going to put it together.

Emelia and I set aside one evening this week to figure out what photos we needed to get prints ordered. And then the next evening we were off to pick up the supplies which took visits to Home Depot and Michael’s Craft Store. There were pieces of what we were making that involved power tools and the hand saw, so Emelia was okay we me getting that part done for her on Thursday while she was at school. By the time she arrived home from school she was delighted with the progress and excited that we could start the next stage first thing Friday morning before school.

Initially we had planned out our work stages that we would be able to finish up our project Saturday night after a day filled with errands. But, we made such good progress with it we were actually all done with her project Friday night. And she was so happy with how it turned out and excited to give it to Danielle, that she gave it to her then, and there. And the look on Danielle’s face was priceless. Especially when I explained all the thought, planning and effort she put into this. I think Danielle was as blown away as I was about the shared iCloud Notes method she employed. But also, all bias aside, her project turned out really great!

Now to Danielle:
Happy Mother’s Day. I hope your first Mother’s Day ever without a complete meltdown by your daughter felt great. I hope you know just how much you mean to more than just Emelia and I. You were made for this day – you give and give and give until there is no more to give. And then, you give even more. You think of and for yourself absolute dead last. Those that you love know how deeply that runs and feel it in every move you make. I know that you often doubt yourself and feel like make mistakes but the truth is you are the epitome of grace under pressure. You give love that runs eternally and unconditionally and makes those that live in it’s warmth, feel like they may be the people you see. And, you are the perfect combination of best friend, partner, and mother to my beautiful child. And you’re more than I could ever dreamed of calling my wife. Thank you.

I hope you love the effort , thought and care your Mini-Me put into that gift. You earned every bit of that adoration she has for you. And most of all, your Mother would be blown away at the Mother you are!

One final note: We said goodbye to our dear Sister-in-law Linda this week. We weren’t ready for that, but as we said last week, Linda’s warrior spirit amazed and inspired us in how she took on the rare and difficult cancer she was tasked with. We live with the spirit of how she mothered the hell out of these last three years.

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