First trip in the new ‘Wolfie’!

I made the Level 6 Prep Gymnastics team! I am so excited!!

He said

With good reason, this was easily the busiest weeks in recent memory. Added to our regular, weekly Emelia-busing from activity, there was a whack of other things that we had to get done for the new trailer that we were all set to take on our first trip out Friday. Add to that, that I also had to head down to Toronto Thursday for work and a lot of this week felt like Danielle and I were passing by each other at the front door. Oh and lets not forget that Emelia has made the Track team at school and had practices for her 3 events (100m, 200m and Relay races) three days this week.

Monday after school Emelia had Track practice. As soon as she was done that, she came home, changed, grabbed a quick bite and it was off to gymnastics to catch the last three hours of gymnastics. As soon as Danielle got Emelia dropped off, she headed out to where we store the old trailer in order to get the bikes out of the trailer, and into the barn there because the next day Wolfie Too was going into Can-Am RV to have some of the pre-trade-in work done.

Tuesday morning I was up first thing and out to pick up Wolfie Too from storage to bring it in to Can-Am RV because they were going to work at moving the Fantastic Fan over to the new trailer. Plus they needed to prep it for the final handover/trade-in on Friday morning. As soon as I got it dropped off, I was back home immediately. I had to watch the daycare kids so that Danielle could take Emelia in for her followup with the paediatrician for her gastro issues. As soon as they were done and back home from that appointment, I was off to work for the day. Emelia of course had dance that evening as usual.

Wednesday was a rare day this week in that we just had our work days and no running around otherwise. Well, Emelia did rope Danielle into taking her and the twins to the mall after dinner but before I was done work. I got in a little visit with them, before deciding I’d had enough mall and went home to cut the grass. Danielle was a little after me and that was the quietest, slowest evening we had this week.

Thursday morning I was up before the sun, and off to catch a train to Toronto for a day at our head office for work. While I was on my way back home Danielle was doing post track practice dash to get Emelia to gymnastics. And, just like Monday, as soon as she got Emelia to gymnastics, she had haul her butt somewhere. With us taking over the trailer Friday, but her not being able to be there, she had to get to Can-Am RV so that she could sign all her final paperwork. As I was riding the train home I was getting updates of how that was going. The good news was our new trailer was there and the even better news was Danielle was able to confirm that our 2020 model did have the added bathroom window which was a new feature!

Friday was the big day! Once again I was out to Can-Am RV first thing but this time I would be leaving with the new trailer! And the best news of all was that the upgraded hitch that was deemed necessary for our truck and trailer got thrown in for free! After dealer walk thru, the truck went in to have the hitch mounted. Once that was all done they lined up the old and the new trailer side by side and it was time for the door-to-door delivery where I got to empty our stuff from the old trailer into the new one. That was a lot of work and tedious at best, but it was worth it, because once that was done, I had a short dealer drive test to showcase the distribution/sway hitch and then I was on my way to camp!

So ya, you can see why this week was busy for us, but the best part was it ended with camping in our beautiful, new Grand Design Imagine 2400 BH.

And I even left the best part of the post – the talking about camping and how much we love this trailer, for Danielle to share!

She said

What a week, the last few weeks have been exhausting and emotionally draining. It feels like we had been pulled a ton of directions lately. Some for the worst reason but a lot for the best reasons. Emelia’s love of activities and sports keeps me busy most nights, we love how active she is but it does take a lot of our evenings. To add to this weeks activities was getting all the background stuff done to prep for the new trailer and the first trip out this weekend.

John chatted a lot about the busy nights it was added with some busy days doing as many phone calls I could while the kids slept so we could have things in place by the weekend. Because we were so busy all week it made the week fly by almost too fast for all the things I needed to get done! Before we knew it the weekend was here and the real fun was beginning.

John picked up the trailer and after all the set up, the walk through, the transferring of all the stuff from one trailer to the other it meant he was finally on the road to the campground mid-afternoon. I had to work for the day so I spent the afternoon loading what I could in the car and loaded the cooler so the second the last little one left Emelia and I could head to camp.

Emelia and I arrived at 6:00 and the work began. The big disadvantage to the timing of the new trailer and the lack of space to bring it home meant that I had to set everything up when I arrived. I wish I had taken a true before picture of the chaos when I arrived. There were bins and bags all over the trailer. It was a massive task but about three hours later the trailer was much more livable and we could enjoy the rest of the night with our friends. This first trip was the perfect start to the season, we were close to home and out with friends so Emelia had friends to play with while we slowly picked away at our honey do list.

I was shocked honestly how fast we brought things together, we have a fair bit of things to still do but the trailer is quickly coming together. We have a bit more things to purchase to get things fully organized but we are already in love. This trailer is the perfect balance for us, it is small enough to still allow us to provincial park camp but big enough with the layout to give us lots of open space and spaces for everyone in our family. All in all we are so happy, it was a fast and busy weekend, we are happy with how much we got done so we can go on our summer adventures and make a ton of new memories in Wolfie Three. We are so excited.

And the icing on the cake was some great news for Emelia. As we have talked about before Emelia had gymnastics tryouts a few weeks ago, well the results of her tryouts came back and she is beyond happy. Not only is she moving to level 6 she is staying with 90% of her current team that she adores. She is staying another year with her much loved coach and she is happy to have a year two levels up without the pressure of provincials to take on much harder skills and personalized routines. Level 6 has been a goal for Emelia for the last few years. What she loves about level 6 is that they get personalized routines vs the standard routines that come with level 1-5. She is so happy and so excited!

So needless to say this was a good weekend, great news for Emelia, amazing weekend out with great friends in our new trailer!

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