We upgraded trailers… Again?

I am excited about the new trailer! I already have plans on how I will decorate my bedroom!

He said

Well… a lot sooner than we expected we’re upgrading trailers again. It all started with conversation last year about what we would want in the next trailer. We love the Nano but the reality is that while it almost doubled our length and more than doubled our living space/capability, we suspected we might outgrow it as that is something that we’ve seen almost all of our camping friends go through. And last year the discussion started with when we upgrade, what we might want, not if we upgrade. That conversation started in earnest when our friends Leanne and Chris upgraded theirs recently.

The reality is we have a pre-teen heading into all the teen things a girl experiences, and privacy has become a much bigger priority for Emelia, understandably. And for us too, if I am being honest. The Grand Design Imagine trailer we’re looking at gives Danielle & I a private bedroom that we can close off. If gives Emelia a double bed with a curtain to further divide off but also a lot more room than her single bed has now. But, it also gives us an outdoor kitchen which was something I really wanted. But it also gives us significantly more storage in the kitchen. As well as gaining 9 extra feet on the awning going from 12′ on the Nano to 21′ on the Imagine which gives us a lot more outdoor living space!

We have loved the Grand Design trailers for some time because of the quality of the design as well as the layout of the trailers. It is clear that they have built the company out of a love of camping and making the best homes on wheels. But, we had always assumed that because of that, they might be priced outside of our range – that was until we went out looking at trailers a couple of weekends ago and ended up at Can-Am RV and looking at the Imagine 2400 BH after looking at the same model Chris & Leanne bought earlier in the day at another dealership.

From the second of walking into the trailer, Emelia was sold. After a few minutes with a salesperson and it seemed a lot more do-able than we had ever anticipated. Not something we expected but the numbers worked out so it got a lot more serious, a lot faster than we ever anticipated. Over the last few weeks there were a lot of calls and emails between our old dealer and the new one and in the end we found out Saturday that everything was in place and our trailer was ordered! We might have it in time for our first trip out at the end of April, but for sure we will have it in time for the May long weekend camping trip! And Emelia – who has been tracking all of this start to finish – was over the moon!

We’re sad to have grown through Wolfie Too so quickly, but the reality is Danielle and I love camping so much and we want Emelia to as well. So, ensuring she has a space that makes her happy and comfortable is just as important as it is that we do. We gain a bed that allows us to both get in from either side – not crawling over one another. We gain a separate bedroom. We gain an outdoor fridge – complete with a beverage fridge. We gain a much longer awning for outdoor living space. And, most importantly Emelia gains more space and more privacy in her space too. And the best part is we get all that plus a lot more by only adding about 5 feet to our overall trailer length.

So, once again we will start the trailer sticker collection. Once again we will figure out what we will name our new trailer. And once again we will be super excited about the first camping trip out! But we are so delighted to moving into a trailer that really suits us well and gives us plenty of room to: a) grow; b) live; and, c) have fun!

She said

Much of the focus this week and last week was working through the details of the new trailer with our past trailer dealership and the new one, but as always. it is never just that fun. The nice little added extra that we needed to deal with out of the blue was our little boy Gordie.

Earlier in the week Gordie with no rhyme or reason started puking, not an insane amount in volume but it was often enough it was a concern. The next day John discovered a piece of the aloe plant in the kitchen had been chewed off, a quick search online I discovered that a decent volume of aloe could be toxic for cats. Thankfully he didn’t eat a ton, just a bit a piece off but nothing more than that. But it certainly set his stomach off. The vomiting a couple times a day continued and then shortly after that we noticed that Gord’s food was not being eaten as much, and then not at all. Add in that over the next three days I started noticing that he was loosing weight. He had gone from our little chunky monkey to a skinny boy.

We tried over the weekend to get him into the closest vet with no luck. By Saturday night no matter what I tried I could barely get him to eat anything and we were getting really worried. We were able to find a vet who had Sunday hours and brought him in today. It seems between the aloe plant and the fact that he had chewed on something that was sharp he had cuts in his mouth that were causing him not to eat. The doctor gave us some medicine to assure the cuts healed, something to stop the vomiting and a pill we have to give to him for the next week to get his appetite back. If all this doesn’t work we are back to vet for much more expensive tests, but the vet was pretty confident that this would do the trick. We are happy to say that with the specialized food that we bought today from the vet and the meds Gordie ate a lot today and even ate some of his dry food he had been turning his nose up at all week.

The other ‘fun’ this week was more pain treatment for Emelia. Over the last few weeks Emelia has been dealing with leg, tailbone and back pain. With work with our RMT and chiropractor we have been able to get the leg and back pain working her pelvic alignment back in order. But this lingering tailbone pain continues and is worsening. This has got us stumped, we don’t really remember any injury that would have caused the pain and the fact that it has been lingering for this long and the pain is not getting better is causing some concern. So tomorrow we are bringing her in to get checked by our doctor and hopefully some answers. Hopefully with some means to get the pain under control as we are on the countdown to her next competition in a week.

So needless to day it has been a rollercoaster ride of a week full of stress and some great news and next week is going to prove to be just as busy.

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