Juno what’s great?

I had my first paid babysitting job! And it went great!

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This week was not only March Break but also the JUNOS took over our city which both had their equal glow in our worlds this week. First, March Break means a whole bunch of things for us the least of which is a week off school for Emelia. But for us, it also means we’re finally close to the official start of Spring and most importantly we’re that much closer to summer. And camping! Second, of course was the JUNOS coming in and taking up home in our city which mostly meant I finally had the chance to go see the JUNO Cup hockey game. But that wasn’t all that I would get to see when it came to the JUNOS, but more on that later.

This past Friday, Emelia took on her first job babysitting for friends down the street. In January she with her best the friends the twins took the babysitting course through Red Cross and had been waiting since then for her first job. Well that opportunity came up this week for friends down the street who needed Emelia to watch their two middle kids in order for them to get some work done. She was a little nervous about the job at first but she knew that she had Mummy just a few doors down the street should she need any emergency help. And by all counts the 3 hour job went off without a hitch and she’s excited to do it again.

We spoke a few weeks ago about thinking pretty seriously about upgrading our travel trailer and that talk has continued and gotten a lot more real. This past weekend Danielle went into Cam-Am RV and put down a deposit and got a lot more final about moving on from our beloved Wolfie Too (Apex Nano 193 BHS) into a Grand Design Imagine 2400 BH. It’s not a gigantic upgrade but it has just the right amount of upgrades we need for our family today (that we didn’t necessarily need 3 years ago: outdoor kitchen, a divided master bedroom, and a lot more room in Emelia’s bunks. It’s the perfect fit for our life right now with a pre-teen girl and a family that camping is as much part of their identity as anything else is. So, hopefully we’ll know a lot more about this next week.

Friday night we got to watch the JUNO Cup hockey game which was a lot of fun. For 16 years at The JUNOS, there has been a charity hockey game which pits former NHL hockey greats against the musicians of Canada. I had always said I would 100% go to the game if it ever came close enough to London. Well, this year our city hosted the JUNOS which meant we would also get the hockey game – the second the tickets were available, I bought three so we could go. The game was so much fun! We were lucky to have a couple of our all-time favourite Toronto Maple Leafs: Doug Gilmour and Gary Roberts play for the Jocks. And the Artists team featured a a bunch from bands we love. And for the second time in the 16 year history of this game the artists won the game!

But later this week, I got a message at work asking if myself and another manager were interested in joining the Apple Music Canada team at the JUNOS Gala Dinner Saturday night. I think I responded with a “yes” inside of thirty seconds from getting the message. The JUNOS that you see televised actually only features a smidge of the actual awards. The Gala Dinner that always happens the night before is where the lion’s share of the awards are given out. The Gala is by invite only and it pretty much a who’s-who of the Canadian Music Industry. It was a wonderful evening and it was great to reconnect with a bunch of the Apple Music Canada team that I had mean last year at an event at our Yorkdale Store. I also was table neighbours with our friend Emm Gryner who Danielle got to play our living room as a surprise for my 40th birthday. But the absolute best part was seeing our friend Ali just before they got their JUNO for Best Video of the Year!!

So – all-in-all – it was a pretty amazing week. We touched on all of the things that matter: camping, music and hockey! What more could you ask for in a week!

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We finally wrapped up March Break. It has been a very quiet one for Emelia. She handled it like a trooper but honestly the poor kid was bored. She did great entertaining herself and was a great help for me with the kids but she was pretty bored. Most of Emelia’s friends were away this March Break so she was really feeling the fact we do not use our vacation time over March Break.

It was great to break things up for her getting to gymnastics and a playdate with friends in the week made the week fly by. The bonus for Emelia this week was her first babysitting job. She took the whole day very seriously planning the whole day out, bringing crafts and games for them to play. The whole morning went really well and she was came home smiling from ear to ear.

The good part of my week involved getting things straightened out with our hopeful trailer upgrade. I can tell you the whole process has been beyond frustrating and has left a bit of a sour taste in our mouth with the dealership we bought our trailer from. After a fair bit of back and forth we are finally hopefully moving on from our current dealership to a new one. The experience so far has been pretty positive but I am pretty guarded. We are still in the researching point for some of the insurances and other things we need to decide but the biggest hurdle is we know the trailer we want.

Right now we are at the point we need to see if it is possible to upgrade and blend in some of the old trailer into the new one. The dealership we are dealing with has been amazing with offering us a very generous purchase price on our Apex and other discounts so it is making things a lot more manageable. Now we wait. Hopefully we can make this all work and we can move to the right balance of a bit more usable space while not adding too much length to our trailer.

Until next week that’s it for me.

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