Happy Family Day!

My second competition of the season is next Saturday. I’m nervous and excited!

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With needing next weekend off for Emelia’s second gymnastics competition of the season in Blenheim, it meant this was my weekend to spend in the store. With this weekend also being Family Day weekend, I still had today off as it’s a holiday and I get tomorrow off too, so being at the store all weekend wasn’t all that limiting for me to get time with my two girls. Plus both shifts were opening the store so I still got to spend my evenings with Danielle and Emelia.

Valentine’s Day was also Thursday this week. Now, it’s never been that big of a deal for Danielle and I—we tend to prefer having a nice dinner at home and a glass of wine and maybe watch a movie. Danielle and I joked that we’d go to the store find cards that suited how we felt about each other, hand them to each other, read them and then put them back and be on our way. It was funny and perfect for how we feel about this day. Originally, I had Thursday off but there was some shuffling needed for our schedule and I ended up working Thursday and having Friday off. So we moved our quiet night at home to Friday too and it was perfect.

With Emelia’s second competition coming up this weekend, obviously she is full-bore preparation mode. Her coach Alex has really been working them hard for the last month with corrections from the first meet and lots of conditioning too. Even though it is Family Day today, while I type this, Emelia is at the gym for her regular practice. And we’re headed back there soon to watch. She’s had a couple of solid practices back to back on Thursday and Sunday this week that she felt better about. And, we’ve looked at the video I got from her last competition so that she can make any adjustments she sees needing.

Today was a perfectly slow start to the day. The house woke up much later than we normally do and we got going at our own pace. One of the things we do on days like this is make a big breakfast and enjoy our coffee more for the flavour and less for the waking up benefit. Eventually I got to the blanket of freshly fallen snow and cleared our driveway, sidewalk and the neighbour’s too with the snowblower. Emelia spent the afternoon with her besties up in her room and Danielle and I vegged out pretty contently on the couch watching some of the RV Camping channels we follow on YouTube. It was the perfect kind of lazy day, and the good news is, I have another day off again tomorrow!

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This week proved to be another week all about the weather. Another freeze/thaw/snow cell came through so it meant the Emelia was home from school on Tuesday and we were trapped inside for a few days. It was great having Emelia home for the day and having an extra set of hands with the kids. By Friday we were free to get out of the house with the kids although it was very slippery on the sidewalks the sunshine made the effort worth it.

Emelia had a bit of a rough week so I planned a super fun day for her and her gymnastics friends on Saturday. I had messaged Danielle and Stephanie earlier in the week and asked if the Emelia could have a fun day with her friends. The moms were happy to lend their girls out to cheer Emelia up. We had opted for an amazing craft project and the girls spent the afternoon painting pottery. They had a great time, all three girls were really creative and we can’t wait to pick up their final projects this week.

The weekend was really focused around getting in lots of training for Emelia with her upcoming competition. The girls are all working incredibly hard and even in the last month the improvement in all their routines has been amazing. I know Emelia is nervous about this weekend’s competition, her groups are larger so with bigger groups means without personal bests she worries she wont place for a medal. We have assured her that she just needs to do her best and that is all she can do. It might mean a medal it might not but this competition is about working on your scores and keep listening to your coach for corrections. She’s ready but I am sure this entire week she will worry about all the small details.

Hopefully this week with one more training session this week their coach can keep the girls nerves in check. Emelia competes really early Saturday morning so we will be heading down the night before to avoid the really really really early start we opted to get a motel right in Blenheim. Hoping that a lazy night in the hotel will allow us all to get bed at a decent hour and be refreshed and ready for Saturday morning.

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