Getting in shape and ready for camping!

This week I hurt my finger slamming it in a car door. With a splint on it mean to some adjusted training for gymnastics.

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One thing I didn’t mention last week was our Wellness Challenge began at work last week. I always love that it rolls around every February because it’s the perfect kick in the pants I need after always derailing with the gym during the Holiday season. I mean I still do play an hour of ice hockey every Friday from September to April, but as the snow hits, the rush of the Holiday season comes along my regular trips to the gym are the first thing to put off. Well since February 1st, two Fridays ago, I have managed to close all three of my rings every day and get to the gym 5 of the 10 days. Every day at work on my lunch I’ve done a 30 minute mall walk. On top of that, 2 my ‘gym workout‘ was my weekly hour-long hockey on Fridays. And I am feeling a lot better for it.

As Emelia alluded to on her way into her gymnastics practice this week, she managed to jam her finger in the car door when running into the gym. Her finger swelled up quite a bit, and turned purple. Because she was still able to gingerly bend it, we knew it wasn’t broken, but we did get her a splint to immobilize and protect it, and it meant she had to spend this week’s practices with adjusted workouts with her coach. She was a little nervous about not being able to practice this fully, this close to her next competition two weeks out, but the good news is by Thursday night we got her out of the splint and hasn’t had it back on since. Today as she headed off to Sunday practice she was excited that she could get back to full workout and prep for the competition.

Even though we’ve had a real clawback of winter, we’ve gotten into camp planning mode as now is the time we start bookings. It also means I have been planning some of the filming I want to do this summer, and how I also want to get my butt in gear editing and posting the videos I still have left to finish and post to the Bonne Fires channel. But I did manage to convince Danielle that I could add some new gear. DJI the company that makes the Osmo Mobile gimbal that I used last year introduced the Osmo Pocket, a much smaller pocket gimbal that has it’s own camera and storage so I can use it as stand alone. The benefit is that I can use my Osmo Mobile with my iPhone to capture alternate angles, and having the Osmo Pocket allows me to save battery on the iPhone. It helped that pocket is a much better device to film Emelia’s gymnastics competitions.

Our first trip out will be the last week in April which is earlier than we usually go, but it will be to Golden Pond RV Resort which is the new ‘home court‘ campground we found last year – ideal because it is 30 minutes from our door. And has all the amenities of a private campground and is so close to home should we forget something, I have to work, or the weather is horrible. Nevertheless, our first weekend away in Wolfie Too is just two months away and we have already book our first week long trip to back to Arrowhead Provincial Park near Bracebridge the first week in July so we can visit Charlie, Todd and Marshall. The added bonus is, we found out our friend Leanne will be camping there that week with her kids in the exact same lane as us!

So even though it’s getting frigidly cold again this week, it feels just a little bit warmer and like the end of winter is a little bit closer now that booking, planning and getting ready for camping season has already begun! That is the best kind of thing to be thinking about around this house: getting in shape and ready for camping!

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This week was eventful and not if that makes a whole lot of sense. This week was fair bit about the weather. After last weeks polar vortex that gave us record cold temps this week we were dealing with a threat of an ice storm. This made plans shift a bit to make sure we were ready for the potential of power outages.

Emelia’s stomach continues to be an ongoing saga. On Monday I called our family doctor again to see if they had heard anything about the specialist as it had been 2 months and we still haven’t even heard of an appointment time. Well after some phone calls it was determined we are in for quite a wait. Although we know Emelia is in a lot of pain sadly medically she isn’t a top priority compared to other kids so we isn’t getting the first appointments. So basically if things get worse keep coming back in to our family doctor and they can press the specialist to get her in sooner.

Well Tuesday she delivered ‘worse’ she woke Tuesday and couldn’t eat, and the more she got ready for school the more she was doubling over and could not move so off to bed she went and she was home for the day. It took almost the whole day to get her to eat anything and this was pushing me to try and see what else we could do. Luckily we have friends in medical and although the can only offer advice it has been helpful. This week we are going back to the doctor and seeing about having Emelia’s care be moved to a paediatrician who has more background with stomach issues in kids until we can get into the gastroencronologist.

By Wednesday she was feeling a bit better but luck for her would have it and we got hit with an ice storm that closed down the entire school board leaving Emelia at home with me for the day. She was able to take things easier and have a bit of time with her friends to play. So with a lower key day she was back to her new normal on Thursday so she was able to get back to school and modified practice for gymnastics.

The rest of the week was about getting letting Emelia get better and thankfully now she is back 100% on her finger and her stomach, well that is still an ongoing battle.

With only 2 weeks to go to her next competition I am glad she is back in training form because she is getting excited and nervous for her next competition at a bigger competition against a larger group – hopefully the work that her coach has been working with them on will get even stronger results for Emelia and her team in 2 weeks!

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