Another new camp locale!

I had so much fun camping with my friends Kathleen and Olivia!

He said

We just pulled in from another amazing camping trip! The best part about this one is that normally when we get back we’re looking how far out the next trip will be, will be heading right back out this Thursday! So Wolfie Too will stay in the driveway this week meaning it won’t go back into storage and we will be reminded every day up until Thursday that there is another camping trip soon enough!

This weekend was a bonus trip we hadn’t planned on at the start of the year, but the stars aligned and we were able to slip it in. It was with a big group of our friends that we’ve made through gymnastics who happen to love camping like we do. All totalled there were 14 of us camping at Golden Pond RV Resort just outside of London. We had 3 trailer sites linked together, and the others without trailers were able to rent ‘cabins’ in the park too.

Thursday as soon as Danielle and I were done work, we had the trailer hitched and ready to go. The best part was 25 minutes after that, we were at the park unloading. Everyone else was there and we were landed and ready to camp in about 20 minutes. Originally Danielle who still had daycare to tend to on Friday had planned go back Thursday night, but that changed once she sat with us by the fire and realized how close we actually were to home. It meant getting up a bit early on Friday, but it meant a few more hours with us at the fire.

The campground itself was perfect. We were situated facing the pond and aimed directly sunsets. We had a playground to our left, literally directly across from our site. And then, there was also putt-putt golf, a pool and paddle boats to rent in the pond. There was no shortage of things to do. And the best part was there were two of Emelia’s besties from gymnastics there for her to play with all weekend. We were there ten minutes before she disappeared off the playground with them.

Friday I had to sneak back into town to get Emelia to her gymnastics practice at noon, but we were able to sneak in a refreshing swim in the pool right up to the moment before we had to leave. I got her to practice, got a few errands done and was back to the campground in the early afternoon which I spent a good deal of in the pool with Kathleen & Olivia as the ‘responsible adult’ while they asked me every ten minutes when Emelia would be back.

The rest of the weekend was a mixture of seeing the girls in passing and hearing about what fun they got up to. Kathleen’s parents had rented one of the cabins and the girls decided they would sleep together the entire weekend. The parents spent most of the weekend relaxing around the campfires or in the pool. The nights ended with Fernando’s amazing fire pits and s’more making skills. There was tons of laughter, lots of great food, and all kinds of great weather. The best thing was not having to plan out activities for our daughters — they just sort of entertained themselves and it was bliss.

And while I didn’t really want to pack up and go today, it was a lot easier knowing that in four short sleeps we’re right back out again with a chunk of this group again, headed back to the Port Huron KOA. There we will be staying from Thursday to Monday, so a day longer, and no day later start for Danielle. We’re really looking forward to this second weekend out, and that it is back-to-back. And we’re delighted that we’ve found a new camp locale. And that it’s so close to home!

She said

This weekend was a whole lot of awesome. The weather was amazing (other than some brief rain), full of sunshine, heat, swimming, paddle boating, campfires, time with friends, some grown up drinks and lots of fun. We’re home a little tired, a little sunburned, and with a whole lot of new, great memories!! What a weekend!

About a month or so ago when I was over visiting Stephanie and Justin, Stephanie mentioned that friends of ours had camped at a campground only a ½ hour outside the city and wanted to know if we could squeeze in a trip with them. Of course we instantly went into planning mode and managed to find a common weekend and John got the weekend off. The stars aligned and we not only managed to get our two families together we got to camp with another family from gymnastics, another camping friends as well as Stephanie’s parents.

The campground didn’t disappoint. It was full of fun things for the kids to do, it was quiet and peaceful and the close location was an amazing bonus. The sites were close together which is normally not our cup of tea but when you are camping with a large group it perfect. We spent all our evenings at one campsite enjoying time together while the kids were off playing. The original plan was the girls were going to rotate between the cabins and the trailers but they ended up spending every night in Kathleen’s family’s cabin. The first night there was little sleep but as the weekend went on fatigue kicked in and the girls got more and more sleep. They were attached at the hips all weekend. I am sure this weekend will go in their memory as one of the best weekends.

Today we sadly had to say good-bye but not for long. We are set for another trip in 4 short days. I am sure we will need all of these 4 days to catch up on sleep. I know our girl is really feeling the late nights. That is it for now as we are all ready to relax and enjoy our quiet end of this week.

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