Camping again in four days!

I really love going to SkyZone every chance I get!

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Crazy to think that we just got done posting our first camping trip video on our BonneFires channel last week, we have the Arrowhead camping week video to work on, and we have another camping trip this weekend! It pretty cool, in just a week since posting the first real video and we already have 21 subscribers in just a week! If you know us here, it would be real swell if you hopped over the and subscribed to our channel and turn on alerts so you can catch all of our videos as soon as we post them.

We’re headed out to Golden Pond RV Resort Thursday evening after work all three of us. Danielle will help us set up and spend a bit of the evening there before heading back for the night to the house as she has a daycare day still Friday. Emelia and I will spend the night out in Wolfie Too having fun with our friends that we’ll be spending the weekend with. Emelia and I will back into town Friday during the day to get her to Gymnastics training and then I will head back out to the trailer where the girls will meet up with me after Danielle is done her daycare day and Emelia has wrapped up her training. And then our weekend fully begins.

We’re excited because this is a big group of friends we’re going with and its an added weekend that wasn’t on our radar at the start of camping planning, but as luck had it I was able to get the weekend off which led to us having back to back weekends of camping with friends. The locations are close by, they’re full hookups, and will be more glamping than camping. But Emelia will have friends she made through gymnastics and we will have adult friends that we’be made through gymnastics too. All of us love camping. Some of us with a little more creature comforts of home. We won’t complain that there isn’t the privacy, trees and lakes we’re used to in Provincial Parks because we will have friends and tons of laughter.

I go get the trailer on Wednesday from storage for the weekend. And when we get back she will stay in the driveway because we get back Sunday and then are headed right back out to the Port Huron KOA four more sleeps later for five days, four nights! There is nothing better than having a blog post filled with all this talk of summer camping. So very exciting!


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This was our first full week off on summer vacation for Emelia. She was happy to be home but missing her friends already. So I am still working on trying to make sure she has lots to do and has a fun filled summer. It’s challenging to keep her entertained, and off of YouTube 24/7, but for the most part she likes to help with the kids which some times actually is, help.

This week Emelia was happy to have a friend sleep over and that filled her missing kids her own age. One of my former daycare families and I have stayed in close contact as our girls who are a year apart were thick as thieves in their years in daycare and it hasn’t changes in all these years. Emelia was happy to have Addison over for the night and all the next day. As we stated last week we invested this summer in a summer pass for the new trampoline park for the summer. The girls were both trilled that we chose there to have our night of fun. The girls jumped and flipped for 90 minutes and came home full of smiles and giggling the entire time. They made their way to Emelia’s room once we got back and with beds crammed together settled in to a night of girl talk and crashed pretty hard.

The fun continued with the trampoline park as we came into the weekend. John had to work all weekend so Emelia and I were filling our days. With her school best friends off for most of the summer Emelia is trying to stay connected with her friends. Olivia is Emelia’s bestie from gymnastics so I messaged Olivia’s mom on Saturday to see if I could steal their daughter for the day and take the girls to the trampoline park. It was gymnast heaven! The girls had an absolute blast. It happily filled our day until John was off work.

Today John had to work again but Emelia and I again filled our day with some fun and well some boring things like shopping but stocking up on things for this week as well as next weekend. This week will be about getting prepped for the weekend camping trip and the happiness of knowing we have two weekends in a row booked out in the trailer, but this time with a large group of friends. The trip this coming weekend is with two of Emelia’s close friends from gymnastics and the weekend after is with Olivia and her family. Emelia is so excited – and so are we.

And with that we are on the short countdown to camping and the week ahead.

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