We’re camping!

I was moved up to Level 3/4 in Gymnastics!

We said

We’re typing this from the air conditioned comfort of Wolfie Too in beautiful Arrowhead Provincial Park in the Muskokas (cottage country) a couple hours north of Toronto. We’ve just gotten back from spending the day with Charlie, Todd and Marshall in Bracebridge for Father’s Day. We had a wonderful time together getting out and about downtown as they closed down the main drag for an old car show. We spent the afternoon lazing about at their house and then closed out the day with a wonderful meal that Charlie and Todd made. It was the perfect way to spend Father’s Day.

But the biggest bit of news, Emelia announced in her part, came in the middle of the day from a text from Jenna her coach this year for gymnastics for Danielle to check her email from Ildi (the gym owner). Of course, Danielle did that second and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Emelia and one other girl that apparently were very close to making the move to Level 4. So close, that with the teams firming up, they were being offered to move up to the Level 3/4 Provincial team with the intent of her being able to compete at Level 4 by the end of their summer training.

We didn’t get the reaction from Emelia that Danielle and I had ourselves, but that’s just the way she is – she’s not one for commotion in front of other grownups (or her parents, as we’ve learned at Christmas time this year). But as we started to talk her through it, and flesh out our changing schedule and who would be on her team she gradually got more and more excited about it. And of course, as soon as she processed her training schedule changing then the immediate second question popped up which was can she now do Acro & Jazz classes… And that we still don’t know the answer to.

The reason we chose Arrowhead Provincial Park was because of how close it was to Charlie, Todd, and Marshall. Last year we tried it for the first time, in our very first outing in this trailer. We came a couple weeks later, but it’s amazing that this year we’re here this much sooner and it’s so much warmer. And drier! Aside from some rain in the forecast tomorrow morning, the rest of the week looks like it gonna be one heck of a warm, sunny week. And it also looks like we’re gonna get lots of time to spend with Charlie, Todd and Marshall. Coupled with the great news we’ve already had, it feels like it’s gonna be a fantastic week of memories!

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